Cossy Orjiakor Not HIV Positive





















Yeah I sort of ignored a post I read on a Blog about Cossy being HIV positive. I felt it was some sort stupid assumptions people make to keep their readers entertained….LOL.


Meanwhile, Cosy has said she is not oooo and you should go get tested.

Cossy Orjiakor Drops Her Debut Album ‘Nutty Queen’

The long awaited album is finally here and was made known to the public by Cossy herself via twitter ‘Nutty queen the album is now available’. The album was released through a record label owned by busty Cossy known as “Playgurl records”. Just wondering if she got inspiration from “Playboy Mansion” to name her record label….LOL.

Anyways all the best Cossy, cos to release and album with 15 tracks ain’t easy at all but make sure you brace up for some bad mouthed peepo….LMAO

Decent cossy

Cossy can look decent you know… she is not all flesh 🙂

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Naked Pictures of Cossy Orjiakor and Tonto Dikeh Controversy (Ngozi’s Feud)

A fellow blogger Ngozi Kanwiro expressed her rage through her blog in an open letter to Cossy Orjiakor and Tonto Dikeh. In the letter she mentioned these two actresses are living reckless lives and attracting bad comments and reputation to the Igbo community and Nigeria at large. She calls for their ban in the entertainment industry, mentioning that Cossy has posted semi-nude pictures over the internet and considers it a bad influence to young Nigerians.

One of my  blog readers drew my attention to this and asked my take on it. In his email he wrote: “Dear egosentrik, you are one of those rare bloggers that are intellectually sound when analyzing issues, and not partial when passing judgments on things. You stand for men and women equally and I’ve not perceived any act of feminism in your write ups when dealing with relationships and other love related issues. Please kindly respond to my request and I wish to be referred to as anonymous. Thank you”

Below is the semi-naked pic of Cossy:



Cossy has been in the media for a long while now and unfortuantely only for negative press, for example in the clip above about 6mins in she is seen flashing her puppies in a sex scene and further down she is also shown having sex with a dog… these are not real sex scenes but ….Hmmn

Cossy Orjiakor has this to say via twitter:

1. Ngozi has  responded back at Cossy’s tweets and can be read on her blog if you wish. I’ve read Ngozi’s response and I say thumbs up to that, but will advice her not to go any further in order not to bring her self down to the level of public display of ignorance as could be seen on the above tweets.

2. Ngozi made a mistake by making this an Igbo issue! This is applicable to all ladies in Nigeria who would do anything for money and cheap popularity.

3. I can imagine that one of Cossy’s fans claim Nigerians don’t comment on Ngozi’s site? How dumb? Who cares? Blogging industry is about quality comments and feedback and not just quantity and hero worshiping comments. Blogging industry is about international presence and not some myopic thinkers who think because one is a Nigerian then only Nigerians should visit and comment on your blog, arrant nonsense. While I appreciate and love my Nigerian readers, I equally love and appreciate my international readers.

4. God shouldn’t have been dragged into this issue in the first instance, cos most Nigerians are over religious people and not true Christians,  even an armed robber prays before operation, a prostitute prays for customers before she goes out, doctors pray for people to fall sick and coffin makers pray for people to die so they can sell their coffins. A terrorist or suicide bomber believes they are killing for their God who will reward them with virgins when they die. So what are we on about here?

5. In my candid unbiased opinion, Cossy’s particular picture that is causing mayhem isn’t a good one to showcase publicly, I’ve seen some good pics of hers. Any blogger promoting such pics is equally a bird of the same feather. I  want to read a blog and read a blogger’s analysis on things and not just some news headlines or copy and paste posts that are all over the web. What is is your take? What does your blog stand for? Lets see your personal articles and intelligent write ups for your readers, even controversial topics like what Ngozi did, it’s part of the industry. Then I’ll respect your blog and pass nice comments…LOL. Enough said.

6.  Ngozi would’ve privately contacted these ladies with her request and hint them of showing her letter openly, otherwise her letter would’ve generalized to actresses that are displaying such pics.. even though she has made her point clear on her targeted individuals.

Lastly, as for Tonto Dikeh,  if she’s being slated over the roles she chose to play in movies, then it’s her life her choice…maybe some day she’ll rethink her actions and adjust, perhaps follow the path of Chioma Chukwuka as someone mentioned on one of the comments in Ngozi’s post….but believe me, let Tonto decide that.

My valued readers, do you think Cossy’s response on twitter is an ideal way to deal with this issue? Yes or No