EXPOSED: The Face Behind The ‘Penis’ On Cossy Orjiakor’s Twitter

cossy nude stars

I had to think twice about putting up this post, but, I had to go against my will for the first time to pass a message across. Cossy Orjiakor, a soft porn actress, last month asked her fans to write that they love her (I Love Cossy) on their cutest body part. Find below tweet:

cossy message

So some of her fans actually wrote their names on their body parts, but this one individual decided to take it up a notch by writing his name on his ‘penis’ for the world to see *SHAMELESS*.

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Actress Cossy Orjiakor Involved In A Car Accident???

Cossy Motor

Unconfirmed reports has it that the boobilicious Nollywood Actress Cossy Orjiakor got involved in an accident yesterday. A Blog visitor emailed these photos to me. I could see the plate number on the vehicle says Cossy and so it’s pardonable to link the accident car to Cossy. The Nollywood actress was said to be driving on a very heavy speed, and suddenly landed her SUV  in a ditch, but emerged unhurt.

Cossy who is twitter friendly hasn’t said a word about the incident, and that surprises me…lol.Lucky Her…whatever happens to that famous road safety warning “SPEED KILLS”.

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Boobylicious Cossy Insures Boobs for N257 Million Naira ($1.6 million)


So rumour has it that Cossy Orjiakor will be making a trip to LA where she will officially sign her policy papers on her balloons. What is your asset worth? Have you insured it yet?….Lmao.

See Pictures of female celebrities who insured their body parts and how  much they are worth: Continue reading

Help: Cossy Needs Turtle Neck Top To Cover Her 6kg BOOBS



Gifted boobly booly Cossy posted attached twitter pic saying she went for an interview on NTA(Nigerian  Television Authority) and she tried so hard to cover her 6kg boobs. Please see her twitter picture below and tell me how hard she tried: Continue reading

Cossy Orjiakor Drops Her Debut Album ‘Nutty Queen’

The long awaited album is finally here and was made known to the public by Cossy herself via twitter ‘Nutty queen the album is now available’. The album was released through a record label owned by busty Cossy known as “Playgurl records”. Just wondering if she got inspiration from “Playboy Mansion” to name her record label….LOL.

Anyways all the best Cossy, cos to release and album with 15 tracks ain’t easy at all but make sure you brace up for some bad mouthed peepo….LMAO

Decent cossy

Cossy can look decent you know… she is not all flesh 🙂

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Man grabs Cossy Orjiakor’s Boobs

Cossy again? Always in the news for negative press, perhaps it’s her way of staying in the lime light ( cheap popularity) or what do you guys think ?

Even though she refers to the man as a monkey… I cant help to wonder if the picture was a staged picture,  although that hand be like one of those Abokina Faso players sha…….

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