Rihanna is set to get married in her Bikini this July

That's rihanna wearing a bikini almost her skin colour and could be mistaken as nude.

That’s Rihanna standing, wearing a bikini almost her skin colour and could be mistaken as nude.

The ever  controvatial “Stay” artist is reported to be planning a bikini wedding arond July on a Barbados beach to her girl beating, somtimes monsterous boyfriend Chris Beater.

For her it is just another way of telling her fans that she is happy to remain with woman beater Chris, who bashed her black and blue just 4 years ago…. in RIRI’s  defence, Chris is a changed man….yeah changed man indeed!

Will her wedding outfit be anything like this?

Will her wedding outfit be anything close to this?

The question is, does she really believe Chris has changed?… or is she just dumbly in emotions called love and  refusing to see the truth?  or maybe we should be asking ourselves if it is any business of ours who she chooses to marry?

On that note then it’s good luck from egosentrik team and just a quick one, for those who choose to listen…a LEOPARD hardly changes its spots, so be wise!!!

Please Don’t Break My Heart- Don’t Start What You Can’t Finish!

Heartbreak in a relationship/marriage is like a dreaded disease seeping through the pores of a healthy skin. For some people, it has opened a door to new life, new love, a whole new meaning to being with a partner.
While for some it has destroyed their ambitions, desire to love again, suicide, hatred for opposite sex, single parents etc. The feeling of heart break is indescribable, it feels like death, it hurts uncontrollably, it disorganizes and disorientates people’s lives.
So why should we still break people’s heart? Love is everlasting, if you can’t remain in it, don’t PUSH IT. If you’ve ever been heart broken before, please like and share.

Written by egosentrik

Rihanna attacked as she leaves the club

Rihanna is spotted leaving a club in London with bleeding kneels after an onlooker attacked her screaming  jabrish and mentioned Chris brown… I wonder what his beef is *MTCHEEEEW*

Rihanna attacked

Meanwhile in other news Rihhana’s dad had apparently announced that he has forgiven Chris Brown for bashing his baby in a row they had about 4 years ago, saying every body deserves a second chance. I am sure people do deserve a second chance but surely not with me….#Zero tolerance for domestic violence!!!!!

Rihanna and Dad

Rihanna and Dad

A Virgin who has experienced about 150 orgasms… Emma Richards “Sex toy tester”

20 year old Single Emma Richards, who works in a restaurant,  in an interview  explained how she went into a store to buy some fancy knickers for Valentine’s Day last year but came out with a sex toy instead and has since enjoyed about three orgasm every week. Single Emma says “Now I can’t get enough of them. I would rather stay a virgin and use my sex toys than sleep with someone who wasn’t special.”

Emma recounts that the very first time was quite frightening without her knowing what to expect  “My legs shook like Bambi”…..Lmao

I wonder if that is a way to live and if you can truly say you are a virgin especially if those sex toys require some sort  of penetrations. In a way you could  argue, it is surely safer than real sex , at least not STIs, no pregnancy, no excuses, no heart break and probably more orgasm than most ladies get in their relationships  but others will also argue that; this was not the original plan of creation.

Whatever the case Emma has said: “Now I can’t get enough of them. I would rather stay a virgin and use my sex toys than sleep with someone who wasn’t special.” She even vows to keep on with her special toys even if she eventually gets into a relationship… Hmmmnnnn, not sure some men will like that Emma……Lol

1Direction star Niall Horan flirts with Hollyoaks girl Rachel Shenton on Twitter

Isn’t it hilarious after a popular Nigerian artist wrote an open valentine love letter to former miss world, then comes another news of a member of a popular UK boys band group ‘one direction’, flirting openly on twitter…..LOL

Niall: 1D member

Niall: 1D member

In a kind gesture, Rachael twitted back but it was all that good for Niall who would’ve bagged himself a lover this valentine.

Rachel Shenton

Rachel Shenton: Hollyoaks star

Although Rachel did flirt back at Niall with a picture message, she later added this nice compliment:  “a bit young for me. What is he? Like 12?”…oho hoo hooo….

Better luck next time Niall…..Lmao

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M.I Abaga Writes An Open Valentine Love Letter To Former Miss World- Agbani Darego

M.I, a popular and an award winning Nigerian rap  artist has written an open valentine love letter to the super moder and former miss world….LOL. Crazy sh*t

The letter reads:

My Dearest Agbani Darego,

Will you be my valentine?

Do give this the utmost consideration. If you will be my valentine, let me say that I am, first, of all men most privileged, and second, about to engage in heavy research about what being someone’s valentine actually entails.
If you will not be my valentine, I must assume this is only because you would prefer me to ask you to marry me. If so, poste haste and with rapidity in extremis, I would, My Sweetling, desire your hand- and as much of the rest of you as possible -in blissful matrimony.

Agbani Darego

Agbani Darego Miss world 2001

But wait. I traverse ahead of myself. I have not introduced myself. Sure I have spent many hours ogling over your Instagram photos and following you closely on Twitter, but I have never, as it were, had the opportunity of introducing myself.

Ah, My Lollipop, I can see your sad smile now. You are shaking your head, wondering if I am just another one of those men struck by your beauty and effortless grace.
Yes, it is true I am one of those men, but if I might add, I am even more awestruck by your beauty. There is no hope for me.
Marry me, My Cupcake.

Consider the advantages. I have discussed them below.

My Fondant, If you marry me, you will be fully protected in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse. I have watched Walking Dead (Seasons 1 and 2), and every zombie movie there is. I know how to finish them off (destroy the brain), how to stay alive (Run like hell) and how not to get slowed down by unnecessary hangers on. (I know so much, I am in fact publishing a simple handbook on this very subject called“Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse” available in stores shortly. You will of course, get a free signed copy.)…………………………………………………. ……………………………………….

My Sweetest Sugarplum, I know we have a lot to figure out, but let us ignore the little details of whether you love me or whether you want to get married at all or whether you will be able to stand me. You must believe me when I say those are minor details.

Say you will be my valentine, that is all I ask.
And if you cannot grant that, grant me your personage in marriage.
And if that proves impossible, could I please have your phone number, house address and your word that you will never ever ever take out a restraining order against me?

Thank you, My Strawberry Tart.

Yours Infinitely,

What can I say, smooth and sleek toasting….LOL


I don’t trust my toyboy husband!’ Katie Price at it again?

Seriously how many men till you have had enough Katie?… In less than four weeks into married life you are already complaining*MTSHEEW*…. perhaps there should be a ban on the maximum number of men a woman is allowed to marry during her life time and vice versa… Just imagine that there are some women still looking for the man of their dreams, and these “old girls” (celebrities) keep snatching all the young men around…. Anyways He is not really the right kind of man though….*ouch*

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So maybe it is true what they say… that you rush into marriage…you’ll rush out of marriage. She dated her stripper boyfriend Kieran Hayler for only six weeks  before they got married  last month, insisting, “she was just following her heart.” So where has her lame oh no precious heart gone now…crappy crap!!

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