And Dencia Replies Saying *We Make Her Sales Go Up*


Earlier today, I put Dencia on blast for daring a black beauty sister Lupita Nyong’o. You can read it HERE. And as usual she started her twitter rants again saying her sales went up anytime Blogs mentions about her for good or bad. READ BELOW:

Dencia responds


Dencia no PR spilled anything, you know that your ghost interviewer don’t exist. Keep having your non existent massive sales(without prove)…lol. We all know what bad publicity does to a product? If you are enjoying it and making all these sales, you won’t be ranting all the time and fighting with your twitter followers *SMH*.

I am yet to find that Blog or Celeb that mentions you for ‘good’,  meanwhile all the interviews by MAGS and TV stations are just to educate naive people about what they are doing to themselves…..So Stop ranting madam ‘WHITENICIOUS’ and take a chill pill. Make your ‘sales’ which you care so much about and let us rest abeg….LOLZ.