HBD EGO: It’s My Birthday!!! I Just Wanna Party!!! #ThatIgboGirl

ego 3

Find My word of wisdom on this very day 1st of December below: 

Not everyone that sh*ts on you is an enemy. But not everyone that Cleans your sh*t is a friend. Be wise and be careful, life is very deep and deeper than you think.

So 1st of Dec is my birthday and I decided to show myself some love as can be seen on my top in the pic above. Charity they say begins at home. If you don’t love yourself who will??? More pics later, depending on how I feel ***winks***

Happy birthday to me EGO #ThatIgboGirl #IgboBabesRock #YouMustMarryAnIgboBabe #EgoThatIgboGirl #EgosentrikHerself

EGO Shares HAWT New UGLY Photos

photo 5

Hello guys, it’s been a roller coaster weekend for me, but all is well by God’s grace. Thank God I am back to base and decided to share my latest ugly photos with you *Tongue Out*….

A very important advice from me: always remember that Life is what we make out of it, Love, Live and try to be happy. This has kept me going in this crazy world!!! Find more ugly pics of EGO below *WINKS*: Continue reading