Fuel Scarcity In Nigeria: Egosentrik’s PHOTO OF THE DAY

Photo of the day

This is the current state of things in an Oil Rich Nation Nigeria. A lot of people have taken to social media to vent their annoyance, however, most of them have learnt to live with this situation. Below is how a  USA based friend narrated her experience over the fuel scarcity in Nigeria. Quite interesting to read:

I always visit my motherland. Everyday I speak great of this country, I boast of this country but what have this country offered me and its citizens? Yes! Every country have its own flaws but when the citizens complains but they are not heard then that country seem to be the worst……..Nigeria! The country I speak well of, full of riches and wonderful people yet they are smiling and suffering. Thank God I can afford to buy fuel for my generator despite the noise**eye rolling** but what about those that can’t, no light, no fuel yet the people live like its nothing. Someone said ” what can we do na? We are use to it” really? Why do we get use to some things that doesn’t bring joy n peace to life? The basic needs of life Nigeria can’t offer except you are rich and able.

…..One evening, I took a walk to go get fuel with gallon, wanted 1k fuel but was given 950 naira fuel, why I asked, he said “you have to pay for the gallon, that’s how its done”, what? I said, who said and where is it written? Every body was looking at me like a fool and stranger, I insisted, and asked for the manager, guess what?

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Photo of the dayss


What a man can do…a woman can?you can complete it….only in Naija…..lolz…not funny tho. I know we shall eradicate poverty in our society someday, but until priorities are placed right and the money launderers start having humane conscience and remember that the poor Nigerians should have a piece of that National cake.