Jack Is Back: Did You Know Jack Bauer Is British and Not American?


24 actor Kiefer Sutherland is the son of the great actor Donald Sutherland and was actually born in LONDON PADDINGTON December 21, 1966 (age 47)??? OMG…I had no clue, not with that thick American Accent….LOLZ

Donald Suntherland In the Movie Pillars Of The Earth

Donald Suntherland In the Movie Pillars Of The Earth

In other news, lovers of 24 series say wohoooo!!!! Jack Bauer is currently filming the official production of the 12-episode miniseries in London. Viewers have been promised that it’s gonna be as intense as ever!!! and I can’t just wait to be glue right back again on  Fox Television’s highly anticipated 24: Live Another Day. It will be aired on May 4 at 8 p.m *YAY*

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Jeez Nothing Else To Hide Riri We’ve Kinda Seen It All…Lolz


I am not sure what Vogue is tryna do to this young woman but it’s ain’t going down well with me tho. Remember nude is Crass and elegant dressing is Classy. However, non of Riri’s nudity is gonna change the fact that she’s good looking. Although she won’t be near being a role model for ma kids #FIDDLESTICK

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Photo:Is Beyonce All Out To Mock Catholics/Christians or What?

Beyonce as Virgin Mary

Few weeks ago Beyonce posted a picture of her taking the position of Jesus in the last supper. This single act stirred up  controversy as Christians across the world weren’t impressed.

This time, she posted a portrait of her which shows her as Virgin Mary with baby Jesus, but in this case it’s baby Ivy Blue their daughter.

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egosentrik Celebrates Top Nigerian-British Born (UK Based) Musicians

egosentrik in all her majesty is celebrating world class British musicians of Nigerian descents. In no particular order we have:


Lemar, (Nigerian-British born) R&B singer and songwriter.

Birth name: Lemar Obika

Born:  4 April 1978 (age 35)

Origin:  Tottenham, North London, England

Genres: R&B, soul, British soul, neo soul, hip hop

Occupations:   Singer, songwriter, record producer, composer, actor.

Seal arrives at the MusiCares Person of the Year tribute in Los Angeles

Seal  two-time Grammy Award-winning (Nigerian-British born) Soul Vocalist

Birth name:   Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel

Born:   19 February 1963 (age 50)

Origin:  Paddington, London, England

Genres: Soul, R&B, adult contemporary, soft rock, pop

Occupations:   Singer-songwriter, musician Continue reading

LMAO: Angry Turkey Chasing Delivery Man

man and turkey

I call this ‘Turkey Revolt’…..I bet this turkey is angry after  millions of families feasted on Turkeys this past Christmas. The delivery man is the scape goat innit?….HAHAHAHA..

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Ofcom Reveals UK’s Top 10 Most Complained About TV Shows

According to reports, Big Brother received the highest number of complaints, followed by X-Factor. Below is the list of most complained about shows in the UK…lol Continue reading

Pastor Chris Okotie Is So Afraid Of Death But Chooses Not To Guard His Tongue


okotie and gurads during service

WTF is this picture about? It’s all over the internet and am just wondering how distracting this stupid arrangement can be to his vulnerable church followers.

What does a man of Satan(God) need bodyguards for? I know you might probably say Ego you are mean, but hey, he Fiddlestick said I was gon go to hell, just cos am a CATHOLIC #LOOSER #DECEIVER #CONFUSEDFELLA

Below is a youtube video of him on a red carpet explaining his designer blings #VanityUponVanity Continue reading