Arsenal: Angry Fans Calls for Arsene Wenger’s Resignation

The loss to the Championship side was Wenger’s first at home to lower league opposition in his 17-year career in England and the worst possible preparation for the visit of the runaway Bundesliga leaders.

Kazim-Richards’ goal came amid a dominant Arsenal performance, but the recalled Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Gervinho were both guilty of wasting chances to put Arsenal into the last eight.



With 20 minutes left, Wenger had seen enough and made a triple substitution as Walcott, Wilshere and Cazorla replaced Gervinho, Rosicky and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

The match ended 1-0 with Blackburn at the winning end. Angry fans revolts and calls for Arsene Wenger’s resignation, will he resign?

Man Propose But God Disposes- Ghana vs Burkina Faso, egosentrik’s 5 Lessons From The Match

Ghana Football team

Black Stars of Ghana

What a nerve breaking match to watch between the Black Stars of Ghana and the Stallions of Burkina Faso in the ongoing African Cup Of Nations.


Stallions of Burkina Faso

The match was very inspirational just because of the mere fact that the referee tried all the cheating tricks he ever learned during his years of work as a referee to see Burkina Faso bow out in shame, by giving a player  red card and also denying them of a clear goal they scored. It as clear that the guy was clearly out to kill the dreams of these young stars and was in full favor of Ghanians.

But through it all, the match ended with a draw which resulted in a penalty shoot out, but luck ran out of the Black stars of Ghana, cos the referee could not manipulate penalty shoot out…lol. So in the end what happened? The Burkina Faso guys won the match! Brilliant, although they’ll be playing against my beloved country Nigerian in the finals, May the best man win!!!

Lessons from the match:

1. People will always stand in your way of greatness, but they can only try to stop you but will not succeed.

2. Don’t be discouraged when faced by the noise of empty of manipulators, cos when the wind blows we will see the chicken ass…lol

3. Challenges are there in life to make you stronger and better, so don’t freak out when this happens.

4. People will be jealous and try to kill your dream as you work hard in life, but just laugh at them cos for anyone to try to stop you, it simply means you are a moving train, a force to reckon with.

5. Vengeance is for God, so do not take laws into your hands to retaliate, cos Law of karma is real and will catch up with people trying to rub you off your shine or kill your dreams and aspirations.

Best of luck everyone as you reach for your GOALS in life.