Must Watch: Funny Dangerous Video Clips

funny video clips

Warning: Please don’t try this at home…they are funny but very dangerous…LOL

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Ways To Remain On Top Of Your Game- Watch The Video


Yes I agree for people to work hard, but also it is important to work smart. Don’t spend all your life working too hard, because it takes a peron who does not think to do thesame thing over and over again and expects different results.

Are you making excuses and not putting in a lot of work to move forward in life? Try watching this video and you’ll be inspired!

Va Va Voom…..hehehehe

va va voom

One of the best prank  advert ever!!! This got me laughing…hehe. Remember what today is? It’s funny video/pictures FRIDAY.

Only breaking news and anyother serious hot and spicy gist can grace my page today, other than that, it’ll be stuffs to make y’all happy!!!

Watch this video of Two Unsuspecting Guys who took The New Renault Clio For A Test Drive

April Fool’s Pranks

April Fool Prank

April Fool Prank

Some of the best April Fool’s pranks to watch. Meanwhile, I just thought in my head….imagine a lady being proposed to by her man on April Fools day…and she jumps and says “Yes”, then next day, the guy says it was only an April Fool’s prank…hehehehe

Watch the video:

Ay Comedy Skit – Igos Comedian Couldn’t Pay His Bill At The Salon….Lmao

From speaking stupid English, to not being able to pay his hair cut bill…..cut your cloth according to your cloth, if you don’t have money to visit high class hair salon…go to the barber next door who charges cheaper prices…..Lmao