Nigeria, Ethnic Agitations and A Desire To Reposition The Country

Lawyer: Victor Aguku

I am not sure that the caption clearly captures what this brief article is all about but I will make an attempt to present my point in clear terms.

For some time now there has been this agitation by various ethnicities and or geopolitical zones in Nigeria for a national conference to discuss the various challenges facing the nation with a view to finding a fair and long lasting solution. Some have even called for an outright balkanisation of the country. However, all the agitators seem to agree or present the notion that a conference to discuss these challenges will solve all or almost solve all the inherent defects and challenges confronting the nation but I beg to disagree.

In as much as there is an urgent need for us as a people within a geographical entity called Nigeria to confront our fears headlong and tackle the challenges facing us in national discuss I do observe that there is an inherent defect in all these agitations which we have either overlooked or have failed to recognise as the most important factor in the challenges facing us. This factor is our regards or disregards or value or none value of HUMAN LIFE. Everything happening in Nigeria today points clearly to the fact that we have almost a zero value or regards for human life. What a few Nigerians have value or regards for is personal life and this value or regards is even contestable. Continue reading