VIDEO: Congratulations To Ibinabo Fiberesima On Her Re-Election As AGN President


Y’all know I support good leadership, just like I support my oga at the top Good Luck Jonathan for 2nd tenure…lol.

So the Actors Guild of Nigeria for the second time have found IB worthy of a second tenure. When she announced the good news, I said to myself, “whom God has blessed” no madam Clarion Chukwurah can curse #LaughingInMyDialect. But did I just say that? Anyway, I bet they’re friends by now and could’ve settled. The only way to know whether they’ve settled or not, is by not reading one of those madam CC long episodes of I know everything.

Welldone IB ko easy rara: Meanwhile, watch the swearing in video below #LilShakyTho:

Clarion Attacks Ibinabo’s Personality For The 4th Time! Now She Gets A Reply From Me

Left: Clarion Chukwurah vs President AGN Ibinabo Fiberesima

Left: Clarion Chukwurah vs President AGN Ibinabo Fiberesima

This Clarion annoys the living day light out of my mind. First she tagged Ibinabo an opportunist who visited the Nigerian President with other actors and actresses to seek political appointment, a statement I consider false and distasteful. As if that is not enough, she went on ranting in her second interview, calling Ibinabo all sorts of degrading names asking her to step down as the president Actors Guild Of Nigeria and peddling certain false information against Ibinabo.

At this point she got the attention and reply she wanted from Ibinabo you can read it HERE. But as she is so bittered and a disgrace to all well meaning mothers out there, she went on rampage a 3rd time, calling Ibinabo to step down because she had an accident which claimed a life.
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Celebrity Reading and Motivational Session With Secondary Sch Students In Port Harcourt, Rivers State


The AGN president Ibinabo Fiberesima will be joined by other top Nollywood celebrities such as Joseph Benjamin, Alex Ekubo, OC Ukeje and many others, in Port  Harcourt, for a Celebrity Reading and Motivational session on children’s day.

Now that is what I call making impacts in your community!!! Find the list of other celebs that will be there BELOW
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Nollywood Actress and Beauty Queen Ibinabo Shares Her Elegant New Photos

Ibinabo Fiberesima

It’s her natural hair you know? The first female President Actors Guild of Nigeria shares her Elegant new photos titled “Living It Up In Accra Ghana”…..The dress brought out the Leopardess In Her *roarrrrrr*…..Lmao….I said that I am in a good mood today didn’t I???

Nollywood Presidential Dinner Best and Worst Dressed/Appearance by egosentrik

Well I talk when others have finished singing….LOL….So I came across these pictures few days ago, from the controversial presidential dinner with selected Nollywood stars as they celebrate the industry at 20. The president of Nigeria has been criticized for pumping in 3 billion naira into Nollywood. Some people see this gesture as a misplaced priority, as security and poverty needs to be tackled first.

So back to the bone of contention, some amateur pictures were released with some of the celebrities looking their worst ….  See pictures and captions below; to view those displaying stretch marks or unkempt hair , others  were made up like masquerades while some looked like they were suffering from Polio or something…Lmao. But some still looked pretty despite the horrible work of the photographer!!!!! “Una for manage do dress code, the whole arrangement is too all over the place, with colour riots here and there”. Click on each picture to reveal what is wrong or right about them…….