Pictures:Inyanya’s Album Launch

Evenethough I haven’t still come to terms with the amount of money charged for ticket prices to attend this launch and other similar shows in Nigeria. I still support talents, and am here to get people closer to their celebrities they can’t afford to watch Live…LOL. Seriously guys when next you are pricing your show tickets, remember not all Nigerians can pay for VVIP 1million naira to see their favourite artistes or comedians perform on stage. We need to brainstorm on ideas on how to reach these fans of yours that wanna watch you live.

One ex-Governor that supported the entertainment industry and brought fans closer their favorite stars was Donald Duke! That is how other Governors should work with artistes to allow that person hawking under scorching sun and dancing to a street DJ or CD players on traffic…hehe, Naija!!!

So Inyanya Fans imagine yourself sitting inside the audience and watching Inyanya perform on the pictures you are about to view, since can’t afford to pay, just be imagining yourself sitting there as you look at these pictures….Lmao