Kim Kardashian’s Best Maternity Outfits

KimKardashian 02052013

So the last time, I posted pictures of Kim K’s worst maternity outfits in my own opinion. Today I’ve decided to bring to you her preggy pics that I liked too.

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Kim Kardashian’s Worst Maternity Outfits

kim k 29042013

Sometimes Kim K steps out in lovely maternity outfits and sometimes, she comes up with wacky outfits.

So today I’ll be showing you her worst outfits so far based on my opinion. Tomorrow, I’ll be showing you the ones I love…lol. You see I show tough love *winks*

Kim Kardashian Denies Calling Nigerian Women Apes

Kim 3

Original Kim Kardashian has denied calling Nigerians “disgusting” and saying their women look like Apes. The allegation went viral on Twitter which angered  some NIgerians and resulted in loads of insults towards Kim K.

In order to put a stop to the photoshopped fake account….Kim Kardashian has  tweeted via her verified account @KimKardashian to debunk this awful comment. See tweets below:

Kim K

Kim K

I do hope people will now believe she never tweeted that in the first place. Eventhough someone accused her of mistakenly sending the tweet to Khloe Kardashian her sister publicly and deleting it shortly afterwards. But hey….atleast she said she never did, we’ve got to give her benefit of doubt.

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