Mariah Carey Accused Of Performing For Fraudulent Money Men In Nigeria

Mariah Carey vs Radar Online

Mariah Carey Back stage in Nigeria

I have been notified of this horrible post on Radar online, as they called Nigeria a “World’s Center Of Bank Fraud & Human Trafficking”. Radar Online explosion on Mariah Carey came as a result of her performance during Access Bank end of year party and ex-MD’s farewell bash. Mariah posted a backstage picture of herself on twitter and that stirred up the insult. Continue reading

My No 1 Christmas Wish: Letter To Santa Claus


Dear Santa,

No doubt I have been a very good girl throughout this year. All I want for my Christmas present this year is this Louis Vuitton Minaudière Petit Bijou which costs only £3,200 (8 hundred thousand naira).  Although my list is long, but this priority numero uno (number one)….Thank you in advance……lol

Yours Faithfully,

Nigerian Female Rap Artist Sasha P Mistakenly Shows Her Undies

sasha P

Sasha in little black dress

The talented female rap artist could not hide her black undies from the paparazzi at Davido’s 21st Birthday Party. So ladies lesson to learn ….if you put on dem small dress…endeavour to cross those chicken LEGS OF YOURS!!!!!!!

Nollywood Actress Anita Hogan Wants To Know Your Experience

Anita and her lovely family

Anita and her lovely family

Some of us may have experienced the challenges of living outside of Nigeria or still reside outside the shores till date. Anita in this youtube video shares her experiences living abroad.

She would like you to make a short video of yourself to share your experiences too!!! Hmmnnnn…this sounds like fun to me though…watch her short video clip below: Continue reading

Nigerian Actress/Entrepreneur Stella Damasus Responds To Haters

Stella Damasus

Stella Damasus

Apparently news had it that the damsel secretly wedded a felow actress’s Ex-husband. What I don’t know is whether she caused their separation or that because he was once married to her fellow actress makes him a no no man for her?

If Stella is the reason for their separation, the law of karma will always play its role, but if the latter is the case here, then people should take a chil pill and let this woman be!!!

Remember the story in the Bible when Jesus asked some holier than thou individuals to stone a woman whom they accused of adultery? What then happened when he asked them “if any of you haven’t sinned, pick up a stone and kill this woman”…he bowed his head and when he raised it again….they all disappeared…to cut the whole story short…if you are holier than Stella Damasus please pick up a stone and kill her, if not SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!

Below is her response to haters:

“I have Been trending for the past two days now. Day one was about people wishing me well and praying for me on my birthday. Day two is now filled with gossip, scandals and all sorts, but Continue reading

Beyonce’s New Song “Bow down b*tches” Offensive To Women?



Beyonce has unveiled her new song tittiled  “bow down b*tches”, however, instead of it bein happily accepted and enjoyed by the world as with her other hit songs. She has been receiving negative feedback as people classed it ‘offensive to women’ and heavy use of swear words.

One of the lines says:  “I know when you were little girls you dreamt of being in my world. Don’t forget it. Respect that. Bow Down b******.”

You can listen to the song here and share your opinion with us…chaddah

Pictures:Inyanya’s Album Launch

Evenethough I haven’t still come to terms with the amount of money charged for ticket prices to attend this launch and other similar shows in Nigeria. I still support talents, and am here to get people closer to their celebrities they can’t afford to watch Live…LOL. Seriously guys when next you are pricing your show tickets, remember not all Nigerians can pay for VVIP 1million naira to see their favourite artistes or comedians perform on stage. We need to brainstorm on ideas on how to reach these fans of yours that wanna watch you live.

One ex-Governor that supported the entertainment industry and brought fans closer their favorite stars was Donald Duke! That is how other Governors should work with artistes to allow that person hawking under scorching sun and dancing to a street DJ or CD players on traffic…hehe, Naija!!!

So Inyanya Fans imagine yourself sitting inside the audience and watching Inyanya perform on the pictures you are about to view, since can’t afford to pay, just be imagining yourself sitting there as you look at these pictures….Lmao