My Christmas Wish No 2 Is A 2014 Range Rover Sport: egosentrik’s Letter To Santa

Raange Rover

Dear Santa,

I know you are very generous and can provide all my wishes. My second Christmas wish for 2013 is this sparkling 2014 Range Rover Sport SDV8 for the new year.

I love this bad ass ride because it is a:

1. V8 diesel Range Rover Sport driven 0-60mph in 6.5 seconds

2.  140mph top speed

3. The price is from £81,550 (21 million naira).

The album below contains more pictures of this #fiddlestick bad ass… I hope you’ll like it too, just click on each picture for full view.

Yours Faithfully,


Link to my No1 Wish

Guess Who Is Back In The Game? egosentrik of course!!!!


Hello my lovely readers, I had to take a long deserving break from Blogging to explore my entrepreneur world in order to keep the balls rolling. However, I give  my unreserved apologies to y’all who enjoyed my Blog posts and kept sending emails, telephone calls, BBM, facebook and twitter messages asking me what’s up Continue reading