Juliet Ibrahim- Which Of Her Hair Colour Do You Prefer?

Juliet Ibrahim is a Ghanaian actress of Liberian and Lebanese descent. Considered the “fresh face” of Gollywood – nickname for Ghana’s movie industry.

Which of her hair colour do you prefer?

Chris Brown Promotes Smoking Of Weed On Stage In GHANA

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Chris Brown was spotted smoking what looked like weed on stage during his performance in Ghana. This one act angered many people that attended the show and has stirred up serious controversies. As fans believe the $1million he was paid was a waste of resourse and could be put for other use.

The promoters of the show are defending Chris Brown, stating it was not weed that he smoked on stage in a bid to calm angry fans down, instead, they claim it was  “an act from a song.”….hehehe.

But my question is, why the cover up? The whole world knows Chris and his Chic RIRI smoke weed and even caught smoking a big wrap at the after Grammy Party. So my Ghanaian brothers, stop covering up for him….we already know what he is capable of…..Lmao.