Guess Whose Legs Are These on Giuseppe Zannoti – Cool or Childish?


Well, I don’t care what anybody thinks about my opinion on this, because I am so entitled to it. I guess Nigerian so called celebs should refrain from this sickly showing off habit that is very annoying. If you take a full pic of yourself , we definitely can see what you are wearing. But when it becomes too much, it makes me sick to my stomach. Gone are the days when people pose with designers and even keep shouting about. It is so 2000 and late!!!

Money speaks, bullshit works...DO NOT CLIMB ON TOP OF THE ROOF OF YOUR POSH CAR TO SHOW OFF, WE ALREADY KNOW. Do not post a pic and receipt of your’s poverty mentality. When you acquire new things, look for a subtle way to appreciate it with friends and well wishers online, in way that it won’t be shouting show off…like these shoes on the dashboard. Nuff said.

Ok, so below is the owner of the  Giuseppe Zannoti shoes that he desperately wants you to notice. He can be a good boy sometimes, but can get on my nerves sometimes. I heard that he can’t take criticisms and whenever he gets told off…he thinks you are a poor person *raises an eyebrow*. Nevertheless, I still like your music, but please don’t go down this sickly mentality route. Continue reading

Nollywood Actress Thelma O’khaz Needs Your Help In Finding A Plastic Surgeon

Thelma Bleached


Thelma Oka'z

So basically, she has bleached her skin to a point that she’s unrecognisable and now she needs a nose job? Maybe she has been inspired by that top American musician who bleached his skin and then went for a nose job.

It was alleged this musician’s nose fell off as a result of the plastic surgery. So if you see Actress Thelma…please ask her if she’s happy with her nose falling off at some point?t And if her answer is ‘YES’…then I can kindly use my kitchen knife, sewing needle and thread to give her a nose JOB!!!

Nigerian UK Based Transgender Reacts To Anti-Gay Law In Nigeria

sarh 2

Iris Sahhara is a Nigerian UK based trans-gender. He used to be male and decided he feels much better to be a female than male, hence, the transgender personality. He/She took to social media to speak up against the anti-gay law in Nigeria. Here is what he/she got to say:

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Revealed: Genius Bovi Reveals His Alliance With Adept Comedian Basketmouth-Video

Bovi and Basketmouth

I watched this video and fell in love with Bovi and Basketmouth even more. I know at some point last year I was pissed off with the amount of money charged by Nigerian artists and comedians for their SHOWS. I felt the fees  prevents their real(poor) fans from having a first hand glance of them at events.

Imagine the last Headies Awards, it was a CPITAL FLOP why? Personally I think it had more celebrities who are competing amongst themselves than their fans. People receiving awards did not get cheered and the whole atmosphere was hostile and boring!!! Ask me if I was there and I’ll tell you to turn around *KMT* #FIDDLESTICK

Meanwhile watch BELOW video and let it inspire you Continue reading

HILARIOUS: A Chelsea Fan Got Mikel Obi’s Name Tattooed On His Bum

Lee-Mitchell vs Mikel

Photo Credit: Independent

This is absolutely hilarious, this Chelsea fan seriously got his ass tattooed with Mikel’s name on it. He sure got some balls…lol.

Culled from Independent

……One Chelsea fan has somehow trumped the January transfer window with a spectacular promise that backfired when midfielder John Obi Mikel opened the scoring in the FA Cup third round victory over Derby.

Lee Mitchell made the brave promise that if Mikel scored, he would get either the Chelsea badge or Mikel’s name tattooed on his bum, safe in the knowledge that the Nigerian had scored just three goals in his seven-and-a-half years at Stamford Bridge.

The tweet read: “If Mikel scores today I’ll get his name or the Chelsea badge tattooed on my ass.”

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