Real Truth Why Nigerian Celebrities Are Turning To Politicians- MONEY + FAME!!!

celeb turn politicians

I don’t speak for popularity, I speak my mind and my mind is the voice of truth and always play out accordingly. Now listen to egosentrik below:

For the past few years, Nigerian actors and actresses have turned to politics for extra money and fame.

Example; Nkiru Sylvanus (Imo State Govt), Okey Bakassi (Imo State Govt), Bob Manuel Udokwu (Anambra state Govt), RMD(Delta State Govt) and many more.

Recently, Desmond Elliot (actor), Kate Henshaw(actress),9ice(musician), Tony Tetuila(musician) and many more have declared their interests in Nigerian politics come 2015 Elections.

I ask myself, what do these Fame and money seekers want? and yes all they want is more FAME and more MONEY!!!!! Unfortunately, Nigerian voters think with their heads upside down. What political experience and qualifications do these people have to Lead us???? Why not focus on pushing Nollywood and Nigerian music out there to global recognition? Very soon Don Jazzy will join politics and that will really put me off because he needs to validate Nigerian music to the world and he is doing so well at the moment, going into politics, he will loose my respect.

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RIP: Three Out Of The 7 Final Year Uni Jos Medical Students Killed In Jos Bomb Blast

Jos killings

Do these murderers have family members? Do they have any atom of human sympathy? seriously shaking my head.

May their souls rest in peace!!!

Have You Seen This Yet? Nigerians Comment On The State Of Their Nation

Boko-Haram-abducted-missing Girls-chibok

Before you read the comments, hear me out: few weeks ago, the Boko Haram leader was threatening to sell off the girls. As soon as the international forces joined Nigerian security forces, they started fidgeting and went for NEGOTIATION. If Nigeria negotiate with these terrorists, which the deal is to release hardened criminals and terrorists like them right? What is the guarantee that they won’t come out and join their brothers to cause Nigeria more trouble? How are we certain that another terrorist group won’t spring up in the future and abduct school kids and in exchange of their captured members? How can they pay for the innocent men, women and kids they’ve been killing?

Well I believe the experts working on this case, would’ve have done their maths and will tackle the situation with utmost care.

Now Read some of the interesting comments made by Intelligent Nigerian Citizens, I have picked them up  browsing online. You gotta read till the end:

Comment 1: A President is not supposed to be the one to explain things. He is not supposed to be the one to be found confused and equivocating. Rather, he is supposed to be the one that inspires hope, and calms the nerves of the nation. In the past two weeks, President Jonathan has been left to what Presidents normally don’t do. And worse still, it got so bad that he and his wife were totally alone.

Comment 2: If Femi Fani-Kayode , Oxford university trained or Eloquent Frank Nweke Jnr was the minister of information, will Isha Sesay of #CNN insult them the way he insulted the minister of information Labaran Maku?
#GEJSACKYOURMEDIATEAM. They are scoring own goal!

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Why I Am Not Going To Cry- Chibok Girls 

chibok girls
Nigeria is the centre of Nollywood the 3rd biggest movie industry in the entertainment world and there’s a drama going on ‘live’ as I write, it’s called, “the chibok girls”. It is the sad but deeply touching true life story of some innocent girls kidnapped at their school by… Who else but, Boko Haram. Oh! Sorry, you must have heard about it. I just wasted your time.
The girls were kidnapped two weeks ago but the drama started this week and trust this center that has given the world such epic movies like ossuofiasian, Mr. Ibu in london and the last flight to Abuja.

The dramatist personnel were not lacking. The people who kept quiet when Chimamanda’s ‘half a yellow sun’ that told the story of how genocide was committed against millions was banned decided to jump to the streets and cry for the release of the kidnapped angels. But, that’s not why i am not going to cry. But, it’s really saddening that all these street cry and drama over the Chibok girls didn’t start until some western organizations picked interest and NGO ‘s and people who desperately needed to update their CV’s and enhance their funding opportunities started jumping out.
But, that’s not why I am not going to cry.

I am not going to cry because my heart is so much hardened and I have lost feelings of sympathy. The truth is that I tried as I could, I just couldn’t shed even an atom of tears. My eyes are completely dried of tears and I have shed more than enough for a ten life time in this single life just for the simple fact of where I come from and my religion.
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Hundreds Of Boko Haram Terrorists Killed, 20 Soldiers Missing In Borno

boko vs Army

It has been reported that the Nigerian special forces and the Air force are beginning to deal with the Boko Haram terrorist group, whose head quarters is in Sambisa Forest of Borno State. Eventhough the soldiers killed thousands of the Boko Haram insurgents according to reports, about 20 soldiers were reported missing after the attack.

Below is full report by PUNCH news

No fewer than an estimated 2,000 insurgents were killed in a combined operation by Special Forces and the men of the Air Force on Friday and Saturday in the volatile Sambisa Forest of Borno State, which has become a prominent hideout of the violent Islamic sect, Boko Haram.

What would have been a great victory for the Special Forces was, however, marred by an operational misunderstanding between the ground troops and the officers in the Air Force Alpha Jet.

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MKO Abiola’s Lawyer, Godwin Olusegun Kolawole Ajay Is Dead


Godwin Olusegun Kolawole Ajayi (Esq), was one of the  Nigeria’s legal luminaries  and has passed on Friday.

Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Mr. Ajayi’S  death came after a prolonged sickness that kept him away from active legal practice in the last few years.

Mr. Ajayi represented Moshood Kashimawo Abiola and was Once one of Nigeria’s most sought after lawyers.

May his soul rest in peace…AMEN


BOKO HARAM: Nigeria Takes Boko Haram’s Case To UN


Senate President, David mark

The Senate President, David Mark has asked the United nations(UN) to intervene and indeed rescue Nigeria from the clutches of insurgency bringing the nation to her kneels.
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