Jeez Nothing Else To Hide Riri We’ve Kinda Seen It All…Lolz


I am not sure what Vogue is tryna do to this young woman but it’s ain’t going down well with me tho. Remember nude is Crass and elegant dressing is Classy. However, non of Riri’s nudity is gonna change the fact that she’s good looking. Although she won’t be near being a role model for ma kids #FIDDLESTICK

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Funny: Alexander Skarsgard Strips Naked On The Toilet In South Pole Snow


37-year-old actor Alexander Skargard stripped completely naked while soothing himself during his trek in the South Pole.  Alex is popular for his role in Blue Blood as vampire Eric. He took part in a charity trek competition along side Prince Harry.

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Photo:Is Beyonce All Out To Mock Catholics/Christians or What?

Beyonce as Virgin Mary

Few weeks ago Beyonce posted a picture of her taking the position of Jesus in the last supper. This single act stirred up  controversy as Christians across the world weren’t impressed.

This time, she posted a portrait of her which shows her as Virgin Mary with baby Jesus, but in this case it’s baby Ivy Blue their daughter.

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Dwyane Wade Fathers Baby Boy During “Break” From Actress Gabrielle Union


What a way to celebrate newly engaged couple Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union *rolling eyes*.  Few days ago Dwyane and Gabrielle took to instagram to share the news and picture of their engagement. And then this news creeps out….lol. Although it was reported that the dude knew about the baby before he engaged Gabrielle, so that leaves me with one question on ma succulent lips “was the engagement a way of saying sorry? #FIDDLESTICK #BLACKMAIL….Lmao

Meanwhile here is how TMZ reported the story:

NBA star Dwyane Wade is getting to know his new baby boy, who he fathered with a woman while on a break from now-fiance Gabrielle Union, according to ET. The “Bring It On” star reportedly knew about the child before the couple got engaged. Continue reading

Desperate Housewive’s Eva Longoria Shows Bum In A See Through Dress


Eva-Longoria wardrobe malfunction

Not sure but maybe Eva enjoys her wardrobe malfunctions as she wore what looks like a skirt from behind and a dress from the front.

The camera clearly captured her black panties covering half of her fair ass….Lmao. Woman please cover up, enough of showing off your body parts, we are tired of seeing them aren’t we?