MUST WATCH MUSIC VIDEO: Rat Race by Parallax


I call him UK Eminem, but he is quickly taking over the UK rap Kingdom. He never seize to amaze me with his LYRICS, just do me a lil favour, and carefully listen to the lyrics of the video you are about to watch!!!

Parallax dropped his debut e.p “Depth Perception”, this release is a benchmark of his lyricism, production and engineering. Its available digitally and he is selling limited edition CD’s. First 50 copies are signed and numbered, and you know what that means? hurry mate and grab yours before it is too late.

Click here to listen to album “Depth Perception”

Below is his Official latest video off the album, it is called “Rat Race”……me likey…enjoy!

New Music Video Alert: Parallax – Hip Hop Philosophy (Official Video)

I am not gonna lie…when Parallax sent me this video to review, I was a bit reluctant, I was like who is this dude again? Cos some UK  artists are not good rappers compared to Americans…lol. Not trying to be rude, just a few UK based artists are cool rappers.

However, 2 days later I decided to watch this music video and I regretted feeling that way initially. This dude nailed it…I love listening to Eminem and Parallax is UK’s Eminem, but has got his unique style which sets him apart. Listen carefully to the lyrics…he passed a strong message across!!!

Parallax “Hip Hop Philosopy”,  is the 1st visual off his debut E.P “Depth Perception”. It’s his proudest work to date produced by Sam zircon. EGO says…This is the BOMB….Ladies and gentlemen enjoy below video: