BBA Star Millicent Mugadi Wins Election As The Council Chairman In Kenya

Millicent Mugadi a former Big Brother Africa Amplified contestant who represented Kenya, through her National Alliance Party(TNA) contested and won the position of council chairman. She is said to be the only female among the contestants, however, she beat all the men to take her seat. Women Liberation!!!……LOL.

But I hope she’ll start covering up, because very soon petitions might start flying here and there with all these semi nude pics, accusing her of not fit as a role model to the younger generation…..LMAO.

The allegations were already coming even before her winning, this is what she said:

“A certain man has my photo-shopped naked photos and has been circulating them around painting me as a very perverted person. This has resulted to people calling me a prostitute and even some of them who were my supporters have refused to vote for me,”

This might just be the beginning, it might be advisable to grow tough skin to such, cos they’ll definitely come. Rock your new seat babes, while it’s still yours…hehe.

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Millicent Mugadi Of BBA Wins An Election In Kenya

Millicent Mugadi  is a Kenyan actress and a former Big Brother Amplified housemate. She has won the first stage(primaries) of her ambition to become a council boss of her people in the on going Kenya elections.

In an interview with newsmen after her victory she said “I won my party elections as the Councilor where I wrestled politically with the incumbent councilor. I will be battling out with other political parties come March 4th this year.”

Millicent Mugadi

Millicent Mugadi

Oh dear, I better go into acting so that I can fulfill this my desire of being the Nigerian female president, just that I won’t be able to wear see through dresses to win votes….Lmao