Mr. Musclemania Universe 2013 To Visit Nigeria

Mr Musclemania Universe 2013

Tyrone Tseye Ogedegbe

London based Investmnet Analyst Tyrone Tseye Ogedegbe, is a British citizen born to Nigerian parents.  He says he plans to visit Nigeria next year as he is proud to trace his roots back to Nigeria.

“I plan to come to Nigeria in 2014 to be a part of the launch of the Paul Okoku Greater Tomorrow Foundation for less privileged kids”.

Read the interview he granted to Mensfitness UK, where he talked about how he got his muscular body in just 2 years to win Mr Musclemania Universe 2013.

How did you get into bodybuilding?

Ever since I was young I loved cartoon figures and wrestling and wanted to look like those guys, so I started training in the gym. I quickly got a buzz from the way I started to look. Then a couple of years ago a personal trainer told me he thought I could go pro, so I did a few shows. The first one was the Mr. Britain Muscle Mania natural body building competition, which I won. That opened the door to a sponsorship deal with Reflex nutrition. From there I decided to enter Mr. Universe 2013 in Miami in June, and somehow I managed to win that too after only two years as a bodybuilder. I’m very proud of that.

Are there any rituals you go through before going on stage?

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