Neymar Of Brazil Insults England Football Team As Not Fit To Compete For The World Cup

Here is what he said:

‘England are a good team with very good players but I don’t look at them as one of our main rivals for the World Cup,’

‘They have the players to do well but do I think they have the same quality as Spain and Argentina? No. Maybe they rely on Wayne Rooney:

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney

‘At Brazil we have many players who can win the game. The same with Argentina if [Lionel] Messi is not having a great game, they still have [Sergio] Aguero and [Carlos] Tevez. With Spain, if [Andres] Iniestia is having a bad game they have Xavi and [David] Villa. Once you look past Rooney, you don’t see an obvious player who can win the game.’

I hope England will put Neymar to shame, as Nigerian football team did to Ivory Coast after they boasted that they will trash Nigeria out of the current  African Cup of Nations. The table turned around and Nigeria sent them packing during the quarter finals *tongue out*. But there’s an atom of truth in Neymar’s assumptions, don’t you think?….lol