egosentrik’s World’s Best Bootilicious Celebrities- 4 Nigerians Included

So it’s Frawday!!! Lol it’s Friday Peeps, lets get our party shoes out cos we’re gonna party hard!!! So again today being “International Women’s day”  I decided to be silly as usual. Therefore I went around the world, scanning for world Bootilicious celebrities…hehe. These chics are well endowed *winks* egosentrik’s celebrity of the week  will be revealed tomorrow Saturday 9th Feb 2013.

Meanwhile, I am not encouraging any young woman out there to kill herself trying to get these butts. Don’t be like the lady that injected poisonous chemicals into  her bum 54 times to get it enlarged, click HERE to read her story. I am not a big fan of plastic surgery, your natural beauty is the -ish!!!! But if you want enhance and tighten up your butt through exercise, then click HERE

Back to business…..So who are these ladies? Including 3 of our very own Naija sisters, click on each picture to reveal who they are *winks*

SEX DEATHS.. While One Was Killed By A Lion, The Second Suffocated During Sex

More unfortunate news am afraid… More pleasurable then painful deaths 🙂

In Zimbabwe a lady called Sharai Mawera is reported to have been mauled to death by a lion who pounced on her while having sex with her boyfriend who fled the scene with only condoms on and no single piece of clothing.

The boyfriend is said to have apparently heard the Lion roar and was able to get away faster than his girl friend who might have been lost in pleasure and possibly mistaken the roar for her boyfriend’s sex noise… two lessons here –

1. Men do not always mean it when they say they are ready to die for you, cos this guy took off when death came knocking.

2.If you must have a quicky in the bush, perhaps do not take off all your clothes because such emergencies could happen ( the guy ran out naked and was trying to flag down people who would not stop because they mistook him for a mad man)

In another report I saw recently, young 21- year old student Nichola is believed to have been suffocated to death while having sex with Richard Hinds a 19 year old upcoming artist after a gig at Nicki Minaj’s concert in Tokyo.

Hinds is accused of getting Nicola Furlong intoxicated with both drugs and drinks before strangling her while unconscious with a towel.?????

According to the report Hind and a pal had taken Miss Furlong and her friend in a cab to the hotel in central Tokyo where they had to borrow wheelchairs to get the unconscious women to their rooms, Nichola was later found unconscious in her room after another guest complained of a loud noise. She was rushed to hospital but later died.

I find this particular story dodgy, the hotel staff should have alerted the police or something, anyways I am not here to point fingers, I believe detectives are professionals in investigating such cases.

May their souls rest in peace and may their families and friends find the strength to bear the loss!!!!

So then, is the grand lesson no more sex? or just a bit more caution and safety awareness? SO please remember when next you are all charged up and your blood gets really hot and all them hormones start raging, (I know it is a joy spoiler) but just check that it is safe………Play safe in this context is not just the use of condoms, it’s also…..who you hang out with, use of drugs and alchohol, then the environment you’re having sex.

HAWT- She Is Hot, She Is An Achiever, She Is Kenya Moore!!!

Kenya Summer Moore is an American actress, model, author, and producer. She was the 1993 winner of the Miss Michigan USA title, going on to win Miss USA 1993 and finishing in the top six of the Miss Universe 1993 pageant.

This great lady was raised by her grandmother from when she was 3 days old. But life challenges didn’t stop her achieving her goals in life. Be inspired!

Kenya Moore features on a reality US show called “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” and there’s is this rumor she improved the ratings of the reality show. Kenya in an interview with Huffpost today revealed she would like to join Beyonce on Tour and when asked if she has Beyonce’s cell. Her reply was “I know someone, who knows someone, that knows someone that can get Beyonce to do that” and then she laughed….LOL. The gorgeous diva recently released her new single titled “Gone With The Wind Fabulous! which she got positive comments from Beyonce, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj etc…



If you’ll like to buy Kenya Moore’s single, you can do that from below link:

Kenya has also done a weight loss DVD tagged “Booty Boot Camp” it is available to be pre-ordered from Amazon on a discounted price, however, it will be officially released on the 5th of March.

Booty BOOT Camp

Booty BOOT Camp

For more info about Kenya Moore, you can visit her website on

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Nicki Minaj’s flashes famous ass to fans on twitter

The Famous Nicki Minaj’s Superb Ass was on display on twitter as a valentine gift to her fans just before she came to her senses and deleted the photos, she then tweeted to her fans to send in pictures of themselves holding a placard with her name on it for a bid to win 1000 dollars

Oh dear, I hope you are not still waiting for more ass pics?… I really do not know what to say… The struggle for cheap popularity continues I guess….lol…or whaddya think?