Fire Outbreak In Lekki Lagos, Nigeria

Fire Outbreak In Lekki Lagos

A diesel truck reportedly fell and burst into flames on Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1 early hours this morning. No life was lost but a lot of damages to cars has been recorded.

Imagine loosing your car on the 1st day of a new month? Oh well lemme not sound stupid…lol, once there’s life, there’s HOPE!!!

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Surulere Residents Lament Demolition Of Their Houses- Lagos State Nigeria


Just weeks after Apo Mechanic Village Abuja was demolished and burnt down by Government, residents in Surulere street of Lagos state Nigeria have been meted out another inhumane attitude by some power intoxicated leaders.

Nigerian Govt just demolish places for good reasons in a very bad way. They don’t consider the lives these demolitions will ruin, before they do these things. All these horrible demolitions produce armed robbers, beggars and aggressive neighbourhoods.

They should take time and plan, plan and plan!!! Involve the residents and hear their inputs before carrying out such callous acts. I don’t get it at all…what sort of heart do these Nigerian Govt Officials have? The poor masses get all  the injustice in Nigeria as opposed to the rich. Wickedness in high places!!!

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MUST READ: Don’t employ without Approval, CBN Tells Banks

ego vs CBN

I found an article on PUNCH news online yesterday, and it stated that the Central Bank of Nigeria has ordered Nigerian banks not to employ new recruits until it gets approval from CBN. The reasons given by CBN was too poor for my understanding and does not justify the new ineffective and inefficient process.

I totally understand that Nigerian banks go through rigorous processes to employ first time employees, however, experienced employees get jobs easily through referrals and connections.

The only reason given by CBN for it’s new development is as a result of  “the rising cases of fraud and the attendant recycling of dismissed employees in the financial services”. 

My advice is as follows in 3 simple steps:

1. Nigerian Banks can curtail the above assertion,  by putting the right channels in place to reference check job applicants. This approach should be carried out by qualified Human Resource Professionals, directly employed by these banks at the head office level.

2. When an experienced employee applies for a new job, the HR team at the bank should run private security checks. They can do this with the help of the police. Yes the Nigerian Police database is still very functional and keep criminal records. These checks can be carried out before handing an employee job offer letter.

3. Nigerian banks should stop employing people based on connections!!! This is what is killing our country and the job market. Both banks and other sectors employ thousands today and sack thousands tomorrow. Hausa people will say ” “Menene amfanin sa?”” meaning of what use is it?

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Pastor Tunde Bakare Says APC Is Like The Church Of Satan…LOLZ

According to point blank news, Pastor Tunde Bakare warns Nigerians to be wary of the ‘new progressives’, said there is no doubt that the five APC Governors in the South West are far richer than their respective states.
Tunde Bakare said, “APC is like a newly opened church of Satan with the evil as a Pastor which could not be distinguished by Nigerians from a true living Godly Church and hence could be mistaken for a real Church, even when it was made of thieves (Legitimate Pen Robbers), that is why they ganged up against Local Government fiscal Autonomy using crumbs from stolen accumulated wealth to bribe their thievery colleagues at Federal and State house of Assembly”.

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Nigerian Men Wife/Girlfriend Beaters?


First of all don’t laugh at my picture, cos it was zoomed to get my face clearly, just incase you see me on the street and not recognise me *Blinks Eyes*….Now lets get down to the issue on ground. 

There is a quick rise in divorces resulting from domestic violence among Nigerian couples. I just sat here on my hot news desk and wondered what the actual cause for the sudden rise could be, especially in my dearest country. Divorce incidents were very rare growing up as a child in Nigeria, and moving to the UK was an eye opener to such life style, as it’s almost the order of the day as there are quite a number of divorce cases. According to statistics divorce in the UK in 2011 was 117,558 (SOURCE) which to me is outrageous and I don’t think it’s that bad in Nigeria though. My question is what has changed? Have Nigerian men all of a sudden become monsters? Is there a new wave of depression that is leading to them being more violent, or has the African/Nigeria woman evolved to become out spoken, less dependent, less submissive? Does this make men feel threatened in their homes, or has moral decadence just given way, what exactly has changed? Why more news of wife beaters and worse still increased cases of DIVORCE!!!!

In days of old I know there are men who have always treated their wives as children, feeling there was a need to beat them once in a while to keep them in check especially because in those days, men married women who were a lot younger than them. These were however not frequent and somehow they tend to weather their storms and their marriages last. But what is the excuse of the modern day man who marries a woman around his own age group? Continue reading

Hoodlums Vandalise Buildings, 50 Cars In Lagos

hoodlums attack mafoluku

It has been reported that hoodlums attacked an area in Lagos state and this is not the first time such a thing is happening. It was also gathered that the police usually arrive after everything cools off. Read below report according to PUNCH

Some suspected hoodlums  invaded Olaiya Street, Mafoluku in the Oshodi Isolo area of Lagos State on Sunday morning. They vandalising no fewer than 50 vehicles and some buildings, including that of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Tree of Life parish.

The residents said the men, identified asGarage Boys, numbering over 100 and armed with bottles, cutlasses and other weapons, attacked the area and did the damage around 2am.

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