Blogger Linda Ikeji Looking Fabulous

linda ikeji

Lets celebrate Bloggers too not just actors, actresses, singers and some crazy nude chics…lolz. So I’ll be bringing the faces of Nigerian Bloggers who work so hard to promote other celebs and go unnoticed + ME…LOLZ.

However, the only reason Nigerian Bloggers are not popular  is because they don’t appreciate one another (I like to say the truth you know). Instead they compete with one another silently…LMAO. I’ll be showing these Bloggers some love because y’all are worth celebrating too!!!!

Meanwhile, back to the matter….Ladies remember nude pics are crass and elegant dressing is classy. Colour white might not be everyone’s cuppa but Linda sure rocked it wella.

To get Linda’s look go for  Karen Millen shirt, Prada bag, Jimmy Choo snake skin shoes and White Paige jeans.

Nice one babes + I’ve noticed this engagement ring on your finger in all your pics, is there something you are not telling us? #FIDDLESTICK #MYEARSAREITCHING