Mysterious snakes, bees attack Boko Haram in Sambisa Forest


boko haram in Sambisa forest

According to Vanguard, some members of the Islamist sect, Boko Haram, arrested yesterday at Mairi ward behind University of Maiduguri by members of the Civilian JTF vigilante group, have confessed that most of them are fleeing the Sambisa Forest to areas across Borno State owing to what they believe is spiritual attacks from mysterious snakes and bees, which had killed many of their leaders.

According to Kolo Mustapha, one of the arrested insurgents, “most of us are fleeing because there are too many snakes and bees now in the forest. Once they bite, they disappear and the victims do not last for 24 hours.

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Blogger Linda Ikeji Looking Fabulous

linda ikeji

Lets celebrate Bloggers too not just actors, actresses, singers and some crazy nude chics…lolz. So I’ll be bringing the faces of Nigerian Bloggers who work so hard to promote other celebs and go unnoticed + ME…LOLZ.

However, the only reason Nigerian Bloggers are not popular  is because they don’t appreciate one another (I like to say the truth you know). Instead they compete with one another silently…LMAO. I’ll be showing these Bloggers some love because y’all are worth celebrating too!!!!

Meanwhile, back to the matter….Ladies remember nude pics are crass and elegant dressing is classy. Colour white might not be everyone’s cuppa but Linda sure rocked it wella.

To get Linda’s look go for  Karen Millen shirt, Prada bag, Jimmy Choo snake skin shoes and White Paige jeans.

Nice one babes + I’ve noticed this engagement ring on your finger in all your pics, is there something you are not telling us? #FIDDLESTICK #MYEARSAREITCHING

MUST READ: egosentrik’s Visit To The Nigerian Embassy In London

Egosentrik Okai

Before I start my story, I would like to apologise for slow updates on my Blog over this weekend. I took a trip to London for the weekend and it’s all part of the job, the only thing was that it slowed down my updates. I hope I am forgiven? *tongue out*…lolz. I promise to bring you very hot and spicy gists again from tomorrow…Love ya mucho!!!!!

Make Sure You read to the end: And the story start s now!!!  So, over the years, there has been so many complaints about Nigerian Embassy in the UK. That bad  impression made me dread of visiting that place and therefore, I would rather sort my passport issues at Immigration office in Nigeria than go to their Office in London.

However, as the complaints became enormous, I decided to do my private investigation, in order to find out what the problem is and clear the air about certain bad impressions people have, if any.

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egosentrik’s Advice On Open Letters: Fellow Nigerians Too Much Of Everything Is Bad

Ego Umez1

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Quote Of The Day About Nigerian Politicians….LMAO

egosentrik Blog

egosentrik herself

Below statement made me laugh so much that I decided that it won’t be for me alone. There is love in sharing isn’t it? Oya join me read this one:

“It is very simple, Tinubu, can sit with Atiku or IBB or OBJ because Nigerian Politicians are United in CORRUPTION, and Nigerian masses are United in POVERTY and FOOTBALL. If members of National assembly want to embezzle money, they will be united in the ACT, irrespective of their ETHNIC GROUP, but when they loose election or feel they are becoming irrelevant politically, they will tell you that North, or East, or West is MARGINALIZING the other section. Or that the PRESIDENT is doing Badly. Remove emotion from it, the problem of NIGERIA is not the North nor the South but CORRUPTION and WICKEDNESS of the Ruling class”….

egosentrik says: #GBAM #GBAMMER #GBAMEST……LMAO

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Stella, Joy and Linda

Stella posted a facebook fight between the woman in the middle and one Rouna or so.  I wont write much as the lady’s Facbook rants tells it all. 

Below Facebook rants by this woman:

So instead of standing up for herself and take on SDK, she and Linda decided to get Linda involved…lol. But the table turned around as Linda got the heat with worst comments and tarnishing revelations about any human on BLOGS.

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