Nigerian Boko Haram militants ‘seeking prisoner swap to return schoolgirls’


In their wildest dream right??? Nigeria will no longer negotiate with TERRORISTS!!! Like President Jonathan has said “this abducted girld saga, will be the end of BOKO HARAM and I hope it’s not one of those speeches.

I can’t even believe that some Boko Haram members are enjoying the comfort of prison? They should be sentenced to death jare , so that they can experience what their victims have experienced mehn…..

Below is an exclusive report from the telegraph

Boko Haram militants plan to use kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls as bargaining chips to free comrades rather than kill them, former mediator tells The Telegraph.

Nigerian Islamists who kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls are seeking a prisoner swap for jailed comrades, The Daily Telegraph has been told.