MUST WATCH VIDEO: Wande Coal’s Performance At The ‘Switch’

I know you guys be like Ego you write so much about Wande Coal on egosentrik Blog. But hey, Wande made me like that MOHITS song ‘BOOTYCALL’…Lolz. Plus one thing you and Wande didn’t know is that he used to come around my neighbourhood in Mende, Maryland Lagos back in the day when I used to live in Lag(literally)…Once a Mende Girl Always A Mende Girl…Hahahaha. But don’t ask me what Wande used to come and do in my neighbourhood for now, I’ll reveal later….#FIDDLESTICK

First Female Taxi Driver In Abuja Nigeria- Ms Aisha Umar

What a man can do a woman can do it also or even better. I admire the courage of this lady who has been in this business for 5 years. At least she has made history. She is far better than any woman who sits at home waiting for when manner will from heaven, depend on welfare or benefits.

Miss Aisha Umar

Miss Aisha Umar: 

First Female Taxi Driver In Abuja Nigeria…well done!!!!