Nigerian Celebrities Turn Pastors And Evangelists


So yeah….these are faces of our Naija celebrities who have turned to men and women of God…

Ok I am not mocking anybody ooo……see their lovely faces below:

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Guess Whose Legs Are These on Giuseppe Zannoti – Cool or Childish?


Well, I don’t care what anybody thinks about my opinion on this, because I am so entitled to it. I guess Nigerian so called celebs should refrain from this sickly showing off habit that is very annoying. If you take a full pic of yourself , we definitely can see what you are wearing. But when it becomes too much, it makes me sick to my stomach. Gone are the days when people pose with designers and even keep shouting about. It is so 2000 and late!!!

Money speaks, bullshit works...DO NOT CLIMB ON TOP OF THE ROOF OF YOUR POSH CAR TO SHOW OFF, WE ALREADY KNOW. Do not post a pic and receipt of your’s poverty mentality. When you acquire new things, look for a subtle way to appreciate it with friends and well wishers online, in way that it won’t be shouting show off…like these shoes on the dashboard. Nuff said.

Ok, so below is the owner of the  Giuseppe Zannoti shoes that he desperately wants you to notice. He can be a good boy sometimes, but can get on my nerves sometimes. I heard that he can’t take criticisms and whenever he gets told off…he thinks you are a poor person *raises an eyebrow*. Nevertheless, I still like your music, but please don’t go down this sickly mentality route. Continue reading

Photos: Timaya Shows Off His Daughter And Baby Mama



Gone are the days these Nigerian pop stars hide their baby mamas and their babies, thanks to PSquare brothers and 2Face…lol. Atleast the women in these people’s life will atleast feel appreciated and not be some open secrets. Meanwhile, I am still an advocate of marriage so Timaya, freaking do the needful and put a ring on it *In Beyonce’s Voice*

Whitenicious Founder Dencia Mistaken For Nicki Minaj At The Grammys

Dencia At The Grammys

The singer arrived on the red carpet and was mistaken for Nicky Minaj. Entertainment Weekly did a public announcement to say she wasn’t Nicki. Then Dencia added that she’s Dencia and “don’t look like Nicki”…hehehe. See the tweet below: Continue reading

MBGN Turn Rapper Munachi Abii Says Men Started Eyeing Me As A Teenager

Munachi Abii

The Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria who has turned rap artist reveals to Punch that men started eyeing her as a teenager. And also talked about her personality. Read an excerpt from the interview below:

Some people think you have a dual personality; Muna the rap artiste and Munachi Abii the beauty queen. Would you agree with them?

I’m more than a dual personality. I’m yet to discover all of them. I believe we’ve got a lot of time to figure all that out. But trust that you will see them as they unfold.

At what age did the love letters and advancements from men start in your life?

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Tweet Of The Weekend Don Jazzy VS Followers Over Loya Milk….Lmao

Remember Don Jazzy was 50 million naira richer when he became the brand ambassador for Loya Milk in 2012. So this night some dramatic tweets showed up between the Don and some fans over Loya Milk. See the tweets below:

Don Jazzy Loya Milk

Don tweet

Don tweet 2

Don tweet 3

Meanwhile, as I am gearing up to party with London’s finest DJ’s… I decided to refresh my love for Naija music by watching the latest Video ‘Surulere’ Dr Sid feat Don Jazzy… oh mehnnn…these guys made me laugh eeh. And they brought my Eko memories right back!!! Just incase you haven’t seen it yet…here is the youtube video for your watching pleasure. PLUS I’ll bring you pictures and gist of how my night went, if I deem…I am outta here lovelies:

Toke Makinwa Shares Official Registry Wedding Photos And A Heartfelt Message


Toke Makinwa got married last week in what many said was a secret wedding, but I chose to call a quiet wedding (sometimes needed). She has officially released her registry wedding photos with a message about what happened as well as debunked pregnancy rumours. Meanwhile. stunning dress babes…Below is her message: Continue reading