VIDEO: Congratulations To Ibinabo Fiberesima On Her Re-Election As AGN President


Y’all know I support good leadership, just like I support my oga at the top Good Luck Jonathan for 2nd tenure…lol.

So the Actors Guild of Nigeria for the second time have found IB worthy of a second tenure. When she announced the good news, I said to myself, “whom God has blessed” no madam Clarion Chukwurah can curse #LaughingInMyDialect. But did I just say that? Anyway, I bet they’re friends by now and could’ve settled. The only way to know whether they’ve settled or not, is by not reading one of those madam CC long episodes of I know everything.

Welldone IB ko easy rara: Meanwhile, watch the swearing in video below #LilShakyTho:

P-Square Peter At It Again, Brushing With No Toothpaste


This dude isn’t tired of posting pics of his legs, Nose, living room, toilet and being blasted by fans about them……I am thinking that Mr P is overly excited of the luxury stardom has brought to him….lol. If not for music, he probably will still be an Aboki in the Northern Nigeria.

It’s hard to think you are brushing your teeth when I can’t see any toothpaste on your mouth or is it invisible paste?

Haba bruv, grow up man!*rolling my eyes*

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Shirtless Iyanya Mobbed By Female Fans Calls Them B*tches


Yeah, I know some Naija musicians want to rep more than their western counterparts, which is alright. However, learning how to swear and disrespecting women is an idiotic thing to do!

Whether it’s Inyanya or someone else that wrote this stuff on this pic…that person is absolutely insane!!!!

Iyanya posted the first picture of some chics trying to tear off his shirt, which I posted HERE on my blog and even praised him. But I stumbled across this pic he posted on instagram, calling women bitches?

Does he have sisters, mother, aunties name it. Watch it young man…let this fame not get into your brain!

Well I don’t blame him much…I blame those ladies with too much make-up on….that are belittling themselves in such acts…it’s obvious Inyanya is  begining to enjoy the attention and will purposely throw himself at women during gigs in order to get pics for his instagram page to insult women the more *mad right now*