Femi Kayode Says: Stella Oduah and The President Are Disgrace To Nigeria

Stella vs Femi Kayode

If you search carefully on my Blog before now, you will never find any article on these two (Stella and Femi) because their stories irritate me. This hypocritical Femi Kayode always tries to bring in tribe in his psycho write ups. Imagine a past Nigerian minister starting a statement with “I wonder if our Igbo brothers will allege….”.

Secondly, this same Femi Kayode was the Aviation Minister between November 2006 – May 2007, and oh my gosh what was the Nigerian Airports like? How many local and international airports existed in Nigeria? What was air travel like in his tenure? Continue reading

HOW SO SOON WE FORGET OR WISH TO FORGET By UK Based Nigerian Lawyer Victor Aguku

victor 3

This is a wake up Call to Nigerians home and abroad. My learned friend and renowned UK based Nigerian Lawyer Victor Aguku;

I am an optimist but I believe more on truth and reality. When confronted with any challenge, as a normal human being I initially try all sorts of devices to escape the challenge but I quickly caution myself before it is too late and I speak honestly with myself so as to get the most appropriate measure to overcome that challenge no matter how unpalatable it may be to me. This has been my underpinning strength. Please read to the last few paragraphs to get the substance of this article since I have to recount a bit of history just to shake up our self induced amnesia.


I will try to the best of my understanding to speak truth to my country people and remind them of that which they seem to want to wish away. Many Nigerians are full of passing the buck and always shying away from confronting a challenge headlong until it becomes too late at which time their efforts rather than solve the challenge creates another challenge. The initial challenge now becomes hydra-headed.

No Nigerian should deceive him/herself that the Niger Delta/South South region of Nigeria got power handed over to them no, that is not true. They fought for and took over power by force and by themselves. I will come over to this but please, allow me to put my premise and submissions in perspective Continue reading

Nollywood Actress Anita Hogan Wants To Know Your Experience

Anita and her lovely family

Anita and her lovely family

Some of us may have experienced the challenges of living outside of Nigeria or still reside outside the shores till date. Anita in this youtube video shares her experiences living abroad.

She would like you to make a short video of yourself to share your experiences too!!! Hmmnnnn…this sounds like fun to me though…watch her short video clip below: Continue reading

Popular Nigerian Alade Market Under Flames!!!

Alade Market

Alade Market

Yesterday Sunday the 7th of April 2013 saw one of the most popular markets in Lagos State Nigeria burning down in what was described as extensive flames.

It has not been  established as of the time of this report as to what caused the fire at the popular Alade market in Allen Lagos.

The fire service was called to assist in putting off the infreno which if not tackled will destroy so many properties, as the market is known as one of the major markets for bureau-de-change activities and boutiques.

Director of Lagos State Fire Service, Razaq Fadipe, told PUNCH correspondents on the telephone that Continue reading

Kidnapped NTA Staff Narrates Her Ordeal with Kidnappers



NTA(Nigerian Television Authority) staff  Olubumi Oke who was kidnapped by a gang of 3 men, told her story of how she survived on only water. It’s really sad as the journalist was said to be a nursing mum. However, she disclosed her release was hastened when the kidnappers realised she was a journalist and that the news was all over the place, which expose them quickly as the publicity grows.

Below is her story of what she went through in the hands of the evil kidnappers: Continue reading

2 White Men and a White Chic Speaking Nigerian Pidgin English

Sometimes I wonder if I bore my readers who aren’t Nigerians with some of my posts that are related to issues affecting Nigeria and Nigerians in diaspora. But I believe there’s really nothing wrong with embracing other cultures especially the way these two white boys that will be shown in the video did….hehe. Also the second video is a white lady that has embraced it too.

So my valued readers who aren’t Nigerians, maybe I’ll teach you guys just one pidgin English for today. It goes like this “how u dey?” pronounced as “how you they”…lol. It means “how are you”…..I could hear you echo “awkward!!!…Lmao. Okay seriously brighten your Monday with this video:

White chic who has fallen in love with our Nigerian Pidgin English…lol