Actress Halima Abubakar Says Blog Comments Depresses Her

Halima-Abubakar 1

The actress has expressed in an interview with The Netng how horrible Blog comments makes her feel. Read below excerpt:

That’s like physical bullying. Online, they are invisible. I believe if you have a problem with me, you should approach me. But if you go online and comment as anonymous or use a strange name, you are still bringing yourself down. Yes, you would make me feel sad, but the damage will not be permanent, but temporary until I am strong enough not to read those comments again. I am going to say it that I am not one of those actresses that say they don’t read blogs. I do. I have been reading blogs for the past five years or so, but I have never commented. Sometimes I am pushed to insult everybody there and comment under anonymous. Continue reading

Nollywood Actress Susan Peters Proudly Shows Off Her Soldiers (Family)


Nollywood actress Susan Peters shows off her brothers and other family members. She really  looked extremely happy in the family pics she appeared in which I have shared in the form an album if you continue reading. The two brothers behind looks like twins, are they?

The Actress who has ventured into music also announced her first single : Duchess ft Ochipet

Susan facebook

Big Congrats the Duchess Suzzy, can’t wait to hear it…lol

See her family album below: Continue reading

NUDE AMBITION: Actress Amanda Ebeye Says She Can Act Nude For $50m


Nudity get price these days ooo….lol. Nollywood actress, Amanda Ebeye says her Nudity is worth 50 million dollars*In Your Dream Missy*. Have you not heard that Afro Candy, Maheeda, Beverly Osu and Cossy Orjiakor’s Nudity is so worthless? even a Mad Man on the street keeps a straight face…. *RollsMySexyEyes*

Read the full story culled from Punch

Amanda Ebeye tells Ademola Oloniluawhy she does more of soap operas than Nollywood movies

You once said that some of your friends who are actresses encouraged you to become an actress. How did they manage to do that?

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Actress Anne Njemanze Ojieson Shares Photo Of Xmas Kiss With Hubby

Ojieson couple

Love Nwantiti…..

I noticed something is different with Anne’s hair….she was on a very low cut during her wedding….so she has changed her hairstyle (aproko dey sweet ooo). They look so happy together…..I wish them what they wish themselves, plus merry Christmas and  a very loved up 2014.