Beautiful Nollywood Actresses Dakore and Nse

Nse Ikpe and co

No doubt they are pretty faces and talented Nollywood actresses. Is it my eyes or does it look like Dakore wore two wrist watches…lol…Plus Nse’s fringe hid her beautiful facial features. I would say the fringe is a miss and no hit for me sorry Nse. I hereby ban you from fringe hair-do…*winks*

Meanwhile see another pic of Nse, Dakore and friends below: Continue reading

Nollywood Actress Susan Peters Proudly Shows Off Her Soldiers (Family)


Nollywood actress Susan Peters shows off her brothers and other family members. She really  looked extremely happy in the family pics she appeared in which I have shared in the form an album if you continue reading. The two brothers behind looks like twins, are they?

The Actress who has ventured into music also announced her first single : Duchess ft Ochipet

Susan facebook

Big Congrats the Duchess Suzzy, can’t wait to hear it…lol

See her family album below: Continue reading

Stunning Picture OfNollywood Actress Grace Amah

Grace Amah2

egosentik Blog reader and a big fan of Grace sent this pic to me and requested I put it on my Blog and stated she hasn’t seen Grace’s photo on my Blog.

Well I can’t say ‘No’ cos I love my Blog readers, so sender I believe you are happy now miss?…lol.. #FIDDLESTICK

Guess Who Is Back In The Game? egosentrik of course!!!!


Hello my lovely readers, I had to take a long deserving break from Blogging to explore my entrepreneur world in order to keep the balls rolling. However, I give  my unreserved apologies to y’all who enjoyed my Blog posts and kept sending emails, telephone calls, BBM, facebook and twitter messages asking me what’s up Continue reading