Meet The Woman Who Confronted The British Soldier Killers

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett with second attacker

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett with second attacker

Her name is Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, 48, a mother of 2 and Cub Scout leader. Click to continue and read her side of the story and video clip of her interview: Continue reading

A Bomber Cried For Missing The Opportunity Of Going To Heaven

Mustapha-Umar bomber

After reading this story of a bomber weeping profusely all the time for missing the opportunity of not going to heaven because he didn’t die with the bomb victims.

I couldn’t stop wondering if these suicide bombers are hypnotised into carrying out such attacks and why will it be on the innocent people?

If anyone approaches me to carry out such acts…..I’ll wonder why that person won’t do it by himself, afterall good leaders lead by example isn’t it? I’ll tell you to do it by yourself.

My question is…if for example I have a problem with a particular leader, will killing innocent citizens of the country make the leader die?  *seriously shaking my head*

Religion has made the world a sad place instead of a happy place.

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Woman Who Already Had 5 children Delivered Premature Quadruplets(4 extra)

Woman and husband with their premature babies

Woman and husband with their premature babies

Woman who already had 5 children delivered premature quadruplets totalling the number of her children to 9. For some this would’ve been some good news and blessings, but for this woman, she cries out saying that the blessing is too much for her. This happened in the rural Hospital in Kaura Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

But will you blame this woman and her husband for having mixed feelings about these young ones? They don’t have money to take care of them all,  and they live in a country (Nigeria)In a country where the Government does little or nothing to help her citizens and people wallow in abject poverty while their leaders and church pastors fly their private jets and eat from golden plates with golden spoons.

Hopefully, people will come forward and adopt these kids or assist in raising them, I am inetersted in doing so if permited.

Nigerians Attacking their own Embassy in Senegal????

I have not been able to understand or get around the true issues that have led to this uprising. A popular report claim, they where  protesting over the embassy lack of cooperation in securing the release of  the corpse of a Nigerian lady who died in the country but their actions  seem a bit barbaric

Question about the Video below, is this really the best way of having your voices heard ???? A protest eemnn yes!…. maybe when necessary,  But a violent protest hell no!!!!!

Police Confirms Abduction Of Six Foreign Sailors

The Bayelsa Police Command, yesterday, confirmed the Sunday attack on a foreign vessel by suspected armed pirates along the coastal areas of Brass and Southern Ijaw local councils of the state, with the kidnapping of six sailors on board vessel.

Police sources also confirmed that the kidnappers had made a ransom of $1.3 million ransom to effect their release.

The attacked vessel identified as Armada Tuah operated by the Lagos-based Century Group had a 15-member crew.

Though the position of the vessel could not be confirmed as at the time of the attack, the police, according to the company’s report, stated: “Three of those abducted are from Ukraine, two from India, one from Russia.

“One of the kidnappers called to demand N200 million (one million euros, $1.3 million).”

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Fidelis Odunna, (DSP) confirmed the incident.

He said  “We have deployed intelligence personnel in search of the six workers as well as arrest the kidnappers.”

Five Indian sailors it would be recalled were also in December kidnapped in a pirate attack around  Bayelsa waterways and were later released.

Source: Vanguard

The kidnapping stories are getting serious daily, and am not sure what strategies Nigerian Government have put in place to tackle this problem. Especially the fact that majority of these kidnappers are from foreign countries like Sudan, Somalia, Iran etc. However, they team up with the local terrorist groups to ask for ransoms. In Micheal Jackson’s voice:

*Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me*

Michelle Obama’s Mid-life Crisis

The 49 year old wife of the  president of  the United States of America, Michelle Obama when asked about her hair cut by Rachael Ray,  jokingly responded that mid-life crisis is  the inspiration of her new haircut with bangs. The mother of two added that she cut her bangs because she can’t get a sports car and won’t be allowed to bungee jump. 🙂

Her new look was first revealed  last month  just a few  days away from the presidential inauguration ceremonies.

I think I agree with the majority of comments on her  new look, most I have seen say she looks younger, although Robert Stuart also added ” softer and more approachable” to the list of attributes associated with Michelle’s new hair cut…I am not quite sure what he meant? Anyways I also heard  Mr President himself has made several positive  references to his wife’s new bangs. I guess that is all that truly matters 🙂

Police Corporal- I Am Innocent My Fiancee Inflicted The Injuries On Herself

Remember this picture? A lady who said her police Fiancee poured a hot burning stew on her during a fight between the two of them.



According to the new twist culled from Punch Metro 18.02.2013

The Lagos State Police Command has described the condition of Mary Sunday, the 27-year-old lady who was allegedly assaulted with a pot of boiling stew and lighted stove, as a self-inflicted one.

PUNCH Metro had last Thursday reported that Sunday was allegedly assaulted by her fiancé, Corporal Isaac Gbanwuan, in August 2012 at their home at Pedro Police Barracks. She is currently at the Igbobi Orthopaedic Hospital after having spent five months in another private hospital in Bariga.

Sunday had told PUNCH Metro on February 14 that Gbanwuam assaulted her over a phone call. In a bid to escape, she had run into a neighbour’s kitchen where a pot of stew was boiling on a kerosene stove. Gbanwuam, who was in pursuit, allegedly seized the kerosene stove with its contents and threw them at Sunday.

But the state Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Damascus Ozoani, told PUNCH Metro that the allegations in Sunday’s petitions were false.

He said, “The allegation that Gbanwuam assaulted Sunday is misleading. This case has been investigated by the Provost Office of the command. The police have taken statements from Sunday, Gbanwuam and other eye witnesses at the Pedro Police Barracks. I have copies of the statements by the eye witnesses.

“One of the witnesses, who lives in the same block with Sunday, Mrs. Ayewunmi Bola, said, ‘I was in my kitchen and went back into my room to get something from the fridge. When I came back, I met Sunday in my kitchen and Isaac in the passage. Suddenly I felt hot water splash on me and I withdrew back into the room. The next I knew, Mary came out of the kitchen and ran into my room. That was when I saw that Mary and Isaac were covered in flames’.

“According to this woman, the Corporal was trying to douse the fire that was consuming Sunday.”

Ozoani also produced another statement made by another neighbor, Mrs. Edith Igene, who claimed to have witnessed the incident.

The DPPRO said, “Again, I will read this statement by Mrs. Igene as she wrote it. She said, ‘I heard a noise from my neighbour Sunday’s apartment, there was a quarrel. Sunday ran into my neighbour’s kitchen and we were telling her to come out.  Instead, Sunday took the cooking pot on the stove and splashed the content on us. But when she took the stove to throw at Isaac, the kerosene poured on her and she caught fire’.

“So you can see that the two witnesses debunked Sunday’s claim.

Ozoani also described as untrue, Sunday’s claims that she had been abandoned by Gbanwuam.

He said, “They say Gbanwuam abandoned his fiancée. That is false because it means you did not care for the person. Gbanwuam had an agreement with the police at Pedro Division and he was paying Sunday’s hospital bills at the hospital in Bariga.

“Her bills were being paid in installments; Gbanwuam is yet to complete the payment. Right from when Sunday was taken to Christiana Hospital, Gbanwuam has been taking care of her. It was when she was taken away from the hospital that he last heard from Sunday.  Sunday stopped picking his calls and her sister too wouldn’t speak to Gbanwuam.

“Up until the time that Sunday was taken away from Bariga, it was only Gbanwuam and his sisters that were taking care of her until her family was informed.”

“The Lagos State Police Command is not insensitive. I can tell you that at this moment, the Commissioner of Police is interested in this case and has passed instructions to the Provost to conclude investigations.”

Hmmmmnnnn…not sure what to think again man! But whatever the case maybe “Domestic violence” needs to be addressed in Nigeria.

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