PHOTOS: Nigerian Celebrities Pay Tribute To Amaka Igwe



A rare gem Amaka Igwe who died of asthma attack received tributes from Nigerian movie icons during her service of songs in Lagos yesterday. Amaka will be buried in Ndi-Uche Arondizuogu Ideato-North Local Govt, on the 13th of June 2014. Musician/Actress Onyeka Onwenu is also from Arondizuogu and she was also there to pay her respect to late Amaka Igwe.

RMD was  there too and a host of others. I’m glad to see the current picture of RMD healthy and hearty….I wonder who is circulating a picture of him looking really sickly.

See pictures of the Nigerian GREAT movie icons below…….

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Comedy: 30 Days In Atlanta Vivica Fox, Lynn Whitfield, Karlie Redd, Ramsey, Ay, RMD, Desmond Elliott…

Kate and Yibo1

’30 Days In Atlanta’ starring Vivica Fox, Lynn Whitfield, Karlie Redd, Ramsey Nouah, RMD, Desmond Elliott, Ay, Majid Michel,Mercy Johnson, Juliet Ibrahim, Adam Ameh, Rachel Oniga etc

This a star studded Akpos comedy and this AY and Ransey Noah’s picture made my day…LMAO

If yu want to know more about the movie visit HERE

Nollywood Presidential Dinner Best and Worst Dressed/Appearance by egosentrik

Well I talk when others have finished singing….LOL….So I came across these pictures few days ago, from the controversial presidential dinner with selected Nollywood stars as they celebrate the industry at 20. The president of Nigeria has been criticized for pumping in 3 billion naira into Nollywood. Some people see this gesture as a misplaced priority, as security and poverty needs to be tackled first.

So back to the bone of contention, some amateur pictures were released with some of the celebrities looking their worst ….  See pictures and captions below; to view those displaying stretch marks or unkempt hair , others  were made up like masquerades while some looked like they were suffering from Polio or something…Lmao. But some still looked pretty despite the horrible work of the photographer!!!!! “Una for manage do dress code, the whole arrangement is too all over the place, with colour riots here and there”. Click on each picture to reveal what is wrong or right about them…….

Pictures:Inyanya’s Album Launch

Evenethough I haven’t still come to terms with the amount of money charged for ticket prices to attend this launch and other similar shows in Nigeria. I still support talents, and am here to get people closer to their celebrities they can’t afford to watch Live…LOL. Seriously guys when next you are pricing your show tickets, remember not all Nigerians can pay for VVIP 1million naira to see their favourite artistes or comedians perform on stage. We need to brainstorm on ideas on how to reach these fans of yours that wanna watch you live.

One ex-Governor that supported the entertainment industry and brought fans closer their favorite stars was Donald Duke! That is how other Governors should work with artistes to allow that person hawking under scorching sun and dancing to a street DJ or CD players on traffic…hehe, Naija!!!

So Inyanya Fans imagine yourself sitting inside the audience and watching Inyanya perform on the pictures you are about to view, since can’t afford to pay, just be imagining yourself sitting there as you look at these pictures….Lmao