Amazing shot wins fan $75,000 and a special LeBron hug!

I believe in Miracles… at least this is a miracle or else how would you describe that shot which was taking from half court  (half court hook shot) and it went straight in, almost too perfect to be true. That was absolutely fantastic.

 Michael Drysch Shots

Michael Drysch sets to make the shot

 Michael Drysch celebrates

Michael Drysch celebrates the most awesome shot ever

Hmmn at first I kept wondering and am asking asking myself as I usually do, if this was just fluke or does he have skills? until I saw  Michael Drysch interview in which he actually admitted, he had only made it like once in over  100 trials  a 1% chance … Boy that was some real luck when it was needed, Michael Drysch did not only get the most strangely expressed hug ever from LeBron but he also became $75,000 richer.  In my very cocky British accent “Well done Mate”

having said that…. I am looking forward to some luck this week and wishing all my readers such lucky moments or may I say miracles *Winks* Have a lovely week ahead

Chelsea Eden Hazard gets red card for kicking Ball Boy

I was shocked to my bones while watching the match between Chelsea and Swansea during the capital one semi-final. It was around  80mins into the game when midfielder Eden Hazard was seen kicking the ball boy while on the floor (possibly on his ribs) apparently for delaying or holding the ball too long.  While Eden’s frustration is quite understandable, his actions are totally not justifiable. The 22 year old Belgian was immediately given a red card by referee Chris Foy and is most likely to  receive further penalties from the  FA, sadly all the bullying could not get Chelsea the win they desperately sought for as the game ended in a 0-0 draw with Swansea progressing to the final with a 2-0 win on aggregate..


Eden Kicking ball boy

“The Belgian kicked the ball boy who had failed to return the ball promptly after it had gone out for a goal kick.” Chelsea on Twitter

The degree of injury on the boy cannot be confirmed yet but but he is seen holding his ribs, although some footballers claim the ball boy might be faking the pain….where did he learn it from if not from the footballers themselves…lol

Eden kick boy

Chelsea players seen placating the ball boy

Video below not for the faint heart

Thumbs up to the Welsh club for gallantly protecting a 2-0 lead from the first leg two weeks ago , to reach their first major cup final in their 100-year history.

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