What Really Caused The Divorce Btw Nollywood Actress Doris And Ex-Husband


This is an insiders point of view, but I’ll also publish an excerpt of what her husband said in an interview in defence of Stella Damasus whom has been accused of causing the split.

Below is what I gathered for your reading pleasure: Warning Very Long gossip…hehehehe

Insider: I have stood by in the last couple of days to see this drama about Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan unfold. I have read countless blogs, reviews and comments from all over the world and I have come to the conclusion that people have no clue what they are talking about.
I lived with Daniel and Doris for about four years, Not hear say or assumptions. I will even Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday To Actress Stella Damasus



Yesterday saw the gorgeous actress and a business guru celebrate her 35th birthday. The Nollywood actress who born 24th April 1978 has ventured into several businesses and is still glowing with her radiant beauty. I wish her all the best in life!!!