OAP Tosyn Bucknor Lends Her Voice Against Sickle Cell, Tells Her Story


If she didn’t tell her story as a carrier, I might never know….it is absolute bravery to stick up and fight a good cause!!!

Read her emotional story below:

It’s World Sickle Day and it’s a day I can say I am thankful. Thankful for a dad that would miss work to take me to the hospital, a mum that would know I was ill before even I knew it and a sister that was the easiest and the best to live with. Thankful for the years I spent full of self-pity (why me o Lord), and the depression, because without battling that, how else would I recognize it in others and help?

Thankful for the turn around. I can never fully explain it, but between writing poems, stories and thoughts down, I found a breakthrough. And even though it is uncool to talk about God, I can’t deny that I had a personal encounter that changed my life. Thankful because I honestly thought I would be dead by now. I didn’t think I’d live past 21 so even though I enjoyed school and life, I had no plans for after. No plans to marry, have kids, work, nothing.
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