World’s Smallest Body Builder

world's smallest smallest bodybuilder

world’s smallest smallest bodybuilder

Indian Aditya Romeo Dev is the world’s smallest bodybuilder At just 2 ft 9in, as shown in The Guinness Book of World Records.
Look at Mr Dev against a bigger body builder….lol. What amazes is how serious Mr Dev poses in his pics (bad boy lol).

2 Dogs Chatting on Skype- No it Isn’t Funny it’s Barmy!

Something to put you in your lighter Friday mood as our expectations of heavy snow here in England has come true. Am sure people will be wondering why everyone in the UK craves for snow? My answer is, trains will be cancelled, buses will stop running, cars won’t move, so we will all be under house arrest. You know what that means? No work day- tadah, No school for kids, if you have a nagging partner you’re dead and if you have a romantic partner…you know what it means *winks*

Ok back to business…lol. The two dogs in this video according to the dog owner were chatting up each other on skype, judge for yourself:

White Friday: When Snow Falls in the UK, People Fall Too….Funny video

Woke up this morning to a beautiful spread of snow all over and it just reminded me of all the snow days of the past, with disrupted flights,  people working from home, school closures ” In Wiltshire, 178 schools and colleges are closed today”. Children are most excited because they get to stay at home and play with the snow and of course when snow falls somehow it tends to get people to fall alongside….. lol…. snow videos for your watching pleasure ;

Although this video is funny, remember that people sometimes get badly hurt from these falls,  so be careful as you go out today. Gear up with the right clothes and ensure you wear shoes with good grips, if you are driving then make sure you have the right snow tyres but who says you have to go out when you can just snuggle up with your boo at home like myself *winks* no funny ideas oh, while enjoying a nice cuppa… Have a lovely day y’all

Please feel free to share your snow experiences with us….