Nigerian Media Girls Friday Night Out

Girls Night Out

All work and no play makes…complete it. Meanwhile, I like this idea that they let their heads down and have fun together. Nice one gurls. The chics who hung out, both married and single were Toke Makinwa, Toke Makinwa, Tiwa Savage, Fade Ogunro Tosyn Bucknor and Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi.

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Video: Well Endowed Popular OAP Toolz Twerking

All work and no play…makes Toolz a….complete it….LOLZ

You see why I said she’s well endowed and no BLEACHING THINGZ.…*winks*


TV Personality Toolz Shows Off Bikini Body

Toolz Beach Photos

Toolz Beach Photos

Toolz posted pictures of her holidaying in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Although it was rumoured she went on this holiday with her secret lover Tunde Demuren, I cannot categorically tell you how true this claim is not after the last email I got of the pair denying their involvement romantically, stating Tunde has a girlfriend who resides in United States with her pictures attached.

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Nigerian Magazine Covers, March 2013 Issues


Below shows the pictures of Nigerian celebrities who covered the pages of some popular Magazines in Nigeria. You can click on each picture for a brief intro of the celebs.

egosentrik’s World’s Best Bootilicious Celebrities- 4 Nigerians Included

So it’s Frawday!!! Lol it’s Friday Peeps, lets get our party shoes out cos we’re gonna party hard!!! So again today being “International Women’s day”  I decided to be silly as usual. Therefore I went around the world, scanning for world Bootilicious celebrities…hehe. These chics are well endowed *winks* egosentrik’s celebrity of the week  will be revealed tomorrow Saturday 9th Feb 2013.

Meanwhile, I am not encouraging any young woman out there to kill herself trying to get these butts. Don’t be like the lady that injected poisonous chemicals into  her bum 54 times to get it enlarged, click HERE to read her story. I am not a big fan of plastic surgery, your natural beauty is the -ish!!!! But if you want enhance and tighten up your butt through exercise, then click HERE

Back to business…..So who are these ladies? Including 3 of our very own Naija sisters, click on each picture to reveal who they are *winks*

Pictures:Inyanya’s Album Launch

Evenethough I haven’t still come to terms with the amount of money charged for ticket prices to attend this launch and other similar shows in Nigeria. I still support talents, and am here to get people closer to their celebrities they can’t afford to watch Live…LOL. Seriously guys when next you are pricing your show tickets, remember not all Nigerians can pay for VVIP 1million naira to see their favourite artistes or comedians perform on stage. We need to brainstorm on ideas on how to reach these fans of yours that wanna watch you live.

One ex-Governor that supported the entertainment industry and brought fans closer their favorite stars was Donald Duke! That is how other Governors should work with artistes to allow that person hawking under scorching sun and dancing to a street DJ or CD players on traffic…hehe, Naija!!!

So Inyanya Fans imagine yourself sitting inside the audience and watching Inyanya perform on the pictures you are about to view, since can’t afford to pay, just be imagining yourself sitting there as you look at these pictures….Lmao