Nigerian UK Based Transgender Reacts To Anti-Gay Law In Nigeria

sarh 2

Iris Sahhara is a Nigerian UK based trans-gender. He used to be male and decided he feels much better to be a female than male, hence, the transgender personality. He/She took to social media to speak up against the anti-gay law in Nigeria. Here is what he/she got to say:

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Actress Emma Watson Describes Facebook Impact On Youngsters As “Shame”


Emma Watson, the “Bling Ring” star believes the social network such as facebook and twitter have negative impact on young children. This is the fact tthat these youngsters start being conscious of their looks at an early stage.

This was not the case back in the days before the inception of some of these popular networking site. I totlly agree with Emma, reason being that, young children now sexualise themselves to look hot and sexy on their facebook pictures, meeting strangers and some of them ieven end up being muredered.

I urge parents to monitor their children’s activities and also make them understand how gorgeous they look without stupid make up and an early age.

However, some mums contribute to this as well….they start painting their baby girl’s nails at a very tender age, applying lipstick and other make up on their faces. How would you ever expect the child to ever feel comfortable without make up? Please ladies take note…and some weak dads too..yes I said it weak dads!

Help: My Fiancee Lied About Her Age

Lies in a Relationship

Lies in a Relationship

Dear valued readers,

I received below concern mail from one of egosentrik’s male  reader, who has concern about his fiancee lying she was 3 years younger than her age.

I will publish our conversation here and would require your honest opinion please.

Here we go:

READER: “Hello there! I just hope you are good. I’ve got a challenge in my relationship and will be glad if you offer your advice. When I started dating my fiancee last year she told me she was in her late twenties. But I discovered shockingly that she was three years older than what she told me when the relationship started. I was really devastated to know this. When I asked her she didn’t deny anyway.I suspect there’s something up her sleeves. Secondly, she lamented that I complain about everything she does.”

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Ex World Footballer Kanu Nwankwo’s Twitter Handle Attracts 1,600 Followers Daily

According to a report from PUNCH, Kanu signed up for Twitter on April 3, but he never began tweeting until April 11. Rolling out his first tweet via his handle @papilokanu, at 1:39 PM, on Thursday, he stated, Continue reading

Fresh Fight By A Kenyan egosentrik Blog Reader Towards Nigerians….LMAO



I woke up to a massive surprise attack messages hurled at Nigerians by one of my Blog readers “Michael Ochieng” who is from Kenya’ with twitter handle @ochibo87.

I believe he did this because the Trend #someonetellnigerians Kenyans died off from twitter too quickly cos their might not have been too many Kenyans to tweet-fight Nigerians back. So this dude decided to use my blog to lodge a fresh attack on Nigerians.

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