Happy Easter To All Egosentrik Blog Visitors From Lil Camilla


Hi everyone, I believe by now y’all know that Ego takes annual break from all hustling  including Blogging for personal retreat. This is a time I reflect on my life, my new year’s resolutions, where I am in life and where I am heading to. As Easter break perfectly fits into the first quarter of every year, it has become a perfect reflection time for me.

It’s a good practise and I have done this for the past 7 years, and encourage you to do so if you deem it fit. Please bear with me until Tuesday 22nd April when I shall return in full force with hot and spicy gists for ya.

Thanks to Iza Ciurko, for making this beautiful Easter card. My love to all Egosentrik Blog visitors and HAPPY Wonderful EASTER DEARIES. I’ll bring you my lovely pictures on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, if you wanna know more about  little Camilla on my Easter card, click HERE …..


egosentrik’s Midweek Relationship Advice


Ego herself

Women are delicate as eggs, so handle them with care. Men are like babies, pamper them with love. Don’t say hurtful words to your partner cos you will never take it back once said. Think before you speak no matter how angry you are. Lots of love guys, your humble darling…egosentrik…*winks*