Tiwa Savage – Without My Heart Ft. Don Jazzy

Tiwa Savage- Without My Heart ft Don Jazzy for your viewing and listening pleasure. Kinda cool tho:

You can also download it here Mp3 downloads via link below:


Explicit: Watch Nicki Minaj Expose Her Boobs In Her New Video *SMH*

Few weeks ago, I posted some pictures of Nicki from a promo video shoot she was featured by French Montana. But today you have the chance at your own risk to watch her performance with her titties covered in little paintings. This video has attracted over 2 millions views already on Youtube: watch it here: Warning 18+ only


Nigerians Attacking their own Embassy in Senegal????

I have not been able to understand or get around the true issues that have led to this uprising. A popular report claim, they where  protesting over the embassy lack of cooperation in securing the release of  the corpse of a Nigerian lady who died in the country but their actions  seem a bit barbaric

Question about the Video below, is this really the best way of having your voices heard ???? A protest eemnn yes!…. maybe when necessary,  But a violent protest hell no!!!!!

Female Pastor Exposes Boobs While Preaching…. OMG

Since after watching the video I have just been  short of words,  honestly I really am short of words right now,  “gospel from a strippers pole” but then they refer to the bible,  so is that a Christian bible or a stripper bible and then the husband again speaks about the lord, I really  hope they do not mean the lord as in “Lord Jesus” ….OMG 2 mins in she quotes the Christian bible.. Isaiah 41…. I give up!!!  So she is a Christian… they are Christians…

This is just so awkward … . I have always been an advocate for freedom of dressing and self expression, but this is a bit out of the limit and her husband is fine with it?  Surely you are free to dress as you like but we’d  expect that some level of modesty and decency is applied… but then again who am I to judge?

She probably was once a stripper and now converted but should old ways not pass away? Like I said I am not in a position to Judge!!!!

I think she was preaching on patience….watch video below@ your discretion 18+ only, this can really  provoke your spirit!!!

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Video…. Monkey with the Ak47

Mondays do not have to be so Gloomy, so cheer up before a monkey is given the opportunity to try out your job 🙂

I saw this video again after a long tyme and it still made me crack up this morning so I hope it does the same for you.  Have a good week ahead and smile when you can like this squirrel which I hope is always!!!

say cheese!!!!!!

Say cheese!!!!!!

Then watch the video…..lol:

Funny Falls- Laugh Out Loud It’s Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s funny how people hurting or falling can make other people laugh…hmnnnn, you are only permitted to laugh today just because it’s Friday i.e if you’ve not seen this video before….lol

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